Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Avon Super Shock Mascara

For a LONG time now, I've been die hard fan of Benefit's "Bad Gal Lash" mascara. That was until I started selling Avon. I came across the Super Shock mascara on sale and decided to give it a whirl. It has that funky plastic wand that is all the rage. I get the mascara and try it out. Wow.. I was honestly amazed at the quality. Though I'm a rep for Avon, I can honestly say it's really hit and miss with their products. This one was a HIT! You can choose from brown or black, but I prefer black. Your lashes looks fuller and longer with minimal clumping. I like the wand because it makes it easy to separate your lashes and you don't get as much product out of the tube which in turn ends up on your lashes in a clumpy mess of goo. Give it a try. At $8.50 a tube, you can't beat that. And most of the time Avon is having a sale where you buy 1 get on 1/2 off, or 2 for 1.And as a matter of fact, it's on sale on my Avon site for $4.99 a tube! Check it out here:


  1. What is so great about the wand?

  2. Love this stuff! And I'm considering trying it out in one of the colors they've come up with.

  3. I really like it too :) it's great for a natural look. I wish it was more buildable for a dramatic look though!


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