Saturday, February 20, 2010

02/20/10- Deal of the Week

I've heard tons of good things about the L'oreal Hip line, especially their Jelly Balms. I'm not a big fan of sticky lip gloss that you have to apply with your finger, but I was drawn to the color "Plush" in my local drugstore AND it was the last one of the DUH! I bought it.

First, I noticed the light vanilla scent to the gloss. It's not overpowering and the gloss doesn't smell like plastic gel the way some lip gloss smell. So that first and foremost was a bonus. When I applied it to my lips, it is sticky at first, but after just a few minutes it's super silky and smooth. My lips don't stick together because it's too freaking thick, the way the do with some jelly glosses like this one. The color is light, I do wish it were a little more pigmented on the lips, but if you want little or no color, this is a nice fit. I like the packaging- it's in a clear jar with a black screw on lid, so it's easy to take anywhere and fit anywhere. There is a plethora of colors to choose from. I got mine at my local drugstore for $8.28- which I thought was a little steep, but for review purposes, why NOT. But if you're a fan of MAC's Tendertones, you might just want to hold out for those (if they come back this summer.) Or just convert over and save some money. Loreal's Jelly Balm are very similar to the Tendertones!

I recommend applying this with a clean finger (DUH!) or maybe a lip brush, but the brush would be more of a hassle.

So I give this 4 out of 5 Zombies..

Loreal Hip- Jelly Balm in "Plush"