Sunday, February 28, 2010

DOTW 02/28/2010: Beautique Lip Crayon

Good morning makeup monsters!

My camera is acting up this week and won't let me get images off the card. So, this review/deal of the week may be without pictures.

I have a Sally's Beauty Supply card that I've yet to use. It gives you 10% off each item you purchase. I've been on the look out for some good lip liners, but refused to pay $6.00 for 1. That's ridiculous! So in Sally's I went. Right by the counter was a display of Beautique Lip Crayons. In TONS of colors! The three that caught my eye immediately were: Pearl Orchid (hot rose pink with sparkles), Coral Shimmer (coral with shimmer), and Shimmering Raisin (matte Raisin color with minimum shimmer.) Each crayon was $1.99 but with the Sally's card I got them for $1.89 each. Every little bit helps, right?


I swatched each color last night and I could still see the colors this AM. So, this makes me believe they have lasting power.

Super creamy and easy to apply.

Many colors to choose from and CHEAP!

The are wood crayons as opposed to the new material being used for liners ( example: Urban Decay pencils) and are much easier to sharpen. I prefer wood casings but that's my own opinion.


The lids come off pretty easily, so you need to make sure they are placed tightly on the crayon.

Short and fat: but if you use them sparingly I don't see why these wouldn't last a long time. Plus they are only $1.89 so you can restock.

I was very happy with my find. I had just been at Walgreens checking out all the lip pencils and couldn't find anything that wasn't too much for my budget. Visit your local Sally's Beauty Supply or visit CLICK ME! to order online.

Pearl Orchid

5 out of 5 Zombies

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Been using shimmering raisin for about 10 years- so smooth you do not to apply anything on top like you do other crayons. Sally's Sally's


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