Monday, February 22, 2010

Earth Angel Minerals at First Glance

 I no longer buy from EAM as they do repackage their pigments.

Hey Makeup Monsters!

As I was browsing Etsy one day, I came across the store for Christine at Earth Angel Minerals.

I found a few gorgeous looking eyeshadow I just had to have. The main reason her store caught my eye was because:

Per the Etsy store:

"EARTH ANGEL MINERALS is the Pure & Natural, Organic Mineral Makeup! I created my line of healthy mineral makeup to offer women an affordable, more natural alternative to the national brands of mineral makeup. Most women don’t realize it but with the recent hype over mineral makeup, the major brands are now in the game…but do they really care about what is inside their jars?? I don’t think so…LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS ON THEIR LABELS!!! They list all sorts of bad chemicals with a tiny bit of minerals inside! Please be aware of what you are placing on your skin! Anything you put on your skin will be absorbed into your body & into the blood stream! You won’t have to worry with EARTH ANGEL MINERALS! Our cosmetics are CELIAC & VEGAN friendly! We don't use harmful & irritating ingredients! NO Bismuth Oxychloride NO NANO-PARTICLES! NO Parabens NO Talc or Synthetic Dyes NO Glycols NO Cancer Causing Chemicals NO Carmine See what the BUZZ is all about! Become an Earth Angel today! Your skin will love you for it!"

I asked Christine if she'd be ok with me reviewing her product on my blog. She kindly agreed. Christine did not send me any of the products free of charge with the exception of a few samples she threw in for me. I purchased the eyeshadow with my own money. With that being said, this is my clear and honest opinion..SO there! Ok, let's move on...QUICK!

I purchased 5 eyeshadow from Christine- each shadow came in a 5g sifter jar, with .5g Net wt.

"This size will last many applications without breaking the bank! " Per the Earth Angel store.

Hot Tamale
Top O' the Mornin'
Pot O' Gold
Lemon Sugar

Samples received: 5 small clam shells of:

Butter Cream
Shamrock Eye Color
Emerald Isle
Light Tinted Angel Veil
Refresh Brightener
(I'm only reviewing the eyeshadow at this time.)

First Impressions:

  • I was pleasantly surprised that each jar was tamper resistant and sealed. That's really cool! That insured that I was the first person to touch the shadow. Christine took great care in the labels on each jar as well. The name, ingredients, and weight are all on the bottom of the jar. Great detail for the win!
  • Christine wrote notes on the invoice- pointing out a color I would love. I thought that gave it a really friendly and down to earth touch.
  • The generosity of the samples was cool too. I ordered two shadows from her new 2010 "Luck of the Irish" Collection in full size and she sent me samples of the rest of the collection. "Shamrock" and "Emerald Isle." I LOVE the greens.
  • Customer Service was fast and friendly. My package got here in exactly 5 days via USPS First Class Mail. No complaints there.
  • The products were packaged nice and secure.

So far I am LOVING Hot Tamale. It's a smoking hot coppery red color with reflects of gold. It is hard to explain, but beautiful. I'm excited to use it as an eyeliner or for a dramatic look. It's pigmentation is just enough to not be overly "in your face" red and can be easily toned down. This is my top favorite so far.

Next comes Top O' The Mornin'. A beautiful mint green color with reflects of green and blue. I have never actually seen a color like this. It reminds me of green cotton candy...that's the only way I can describe it. I can't wait to see what I can do with this baby.

Fawn is a pretty brownzy cream brown with tons of sparkle. Just fun enough to kick a daytime neutral look up a notch. And if you know me, you know..I love sparkle!

Pot O' Gold is a neat subtle green color with tons of gold reflects. Hence the name! Such a fun color!

And Lemon Sugar.. I don't know what I was expecting, but from the pictures online, I was expecting a little more out of this color. It's a shimmery light pink color with sparkle. Great for a highlight. I think I was hoping it would have more iridescence to it. But still a nice shade.


Shamrock is a medium shimmery green with blue reflects. VERY pretty. And Emerald Isle is just a bit darker than Shamrock with the same blue reflects. I really do like this collection. Though I'm only going to review the eyeshadow now, I did receive a sample of Butter Cream, which I'll talk a little about. In the package there was a little brochure talking about Butter Cream.

"Butter Cream- Multi Tasking Mineral Eyelid Primer and Skin Balancer Butter Cream is a great multi taking mineral! Helps to neutralize your skin tone! Brightens the eye area! Tones down too much "OOPS" blush!"

I've only swatched the colors on my hand minus a primer. The colors do fade quickly, but with a good primer, I'm sure they are meant to last. My first test run will be tomorrow and I will update everyone on how it goes and what the staying power is like.

So far I give these shadows 4 out of 5 Zombies.

FYI- The lighting just does not do these shadow justice, but I tried!


  1. I bet you could really work some magic with those greens!

  2. Earth Angel DOES NOT and I mean NOT make there own eyeshadows. They buy them premade and fill and label there own jars. They are also notorious for stealing other sites texts for there own use on their website and have stolen my photo's to use on Amazon even though my .com name was on the photo!!! They claim that their minerals were part of the 2009 and 2010 Red Carpet which is also bull. Nothing these people claim is true. There full of crap!

  3. I am so glad someone came forward regarding these jerks!!! I have been selling minerals for years and these people came along and stole my photo's off eBay to use on another site. I just found some text they stole from my site so I googled them and found this review. These people are a sham and breed dogs for a living. They are disgusting and have been reported several times for stealing others photo's and text and making claims that aren't true. Red Carpet??? Are you kidding me??? I'm a makeup artist and personally know 2 of them that worked the red carpet... These liars have NEVER been invited to any events, let alone their products! Are you kidding me????

  4. Well Anonymous 1 and 2, because you didn't leave a name, I'm just assuming you're the same person. I'm well aware (now) that EAM repackages some of their products, as I've come across a few same colors from other known repackagers. This was a short lived obsession for me, as I wasn't that impressed with the pigmentation or staying power of the shaodows. As for your other claims, I have no idea about any of that.


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