Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the Winners ARE! (Luck of the Irish contest)

I placed all of the entries into an Excel spread sheet and then found two numbers via an online number generator. The numbers were 4 and 10. The names with each # are:


4: Melody Kelly-Woods (from Facebook entry)

My Lucky Charms:

1) hanging on my wall is the memory board I made for my Dad's service, It has become the place I stop to think about life, and when I am sad...

2) My kids they are my life, even though they drive me nuts sometimes they can always cheer me up..... See More

3) My semi hoop diamond earrings that my mom bought me about 5 years ago.

10: Amanda Gilmore (from Blog entry)

Three "Lucky" things for me?

1. I have a twisted silver ring that my Mom made me, which I always wear. It seems to be my good luck charm- and when I forget to put it back on, things go a bit awry. Not disaster worthy- but just off enough to really get on my nerves!!

2. My boyfriend- he's my best friend, soul mate, and kindred spirit. He protects my heart, as I do his. An off day is solved when I see that man smile at me- and I can't do anything but spread a goofy, wide, braces-filled grin right back at him.

3. Makeup. Namely- Sparkly Eyeshadow, Red Lipstick, and an attitude that matches!! Smoky eyes are my fav, and nothing's sexier than a stop-you-in-your-tracks red lipstick. A day is great with all these things- only to be topped off with a great pair of heels for that last "Cherry on top" feeling!

And number four... Even though you only said enter three... I have to say I find that each friend of mine is special in their own unique way. I wouldn't have such a great life if I didn't have my friends- I'm so very lucky to have them in my life.

Congratulations my lovely Zombinites. You've each won 3 eyeshadow from Orlgamix of your choice! email me at with your address and your color selections. Cheri from Orglamix will then send you the goodies personally. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping (depending on where your name ends up in her queue.)

Here are your options:

Thank you everyone for participating in Makeup Zombie's very first giveaway/contest Luck of the Irish! Good luck in the future!!!

The Makeup Zombie


  1. WOO HOO!

    Awesome! Made my day!!!
    Love your blog sooooo much... :D

  2. Congrats Amanda. The colors you chose are FAB!!

  3. I love love love them.... I've got all colors of Cheri's but blue...
    Next eye project for me... Rainbow! Just because I have to :)

  4. Ooo do you have Lavande or Indigo?

  5. sweet! Congrats girls! I was really hoping I'd win... maybe next go round :o)


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