Sunday, March 7, 2010

DOTW- Maybelline Eye Studio Baked Eyeshadow

Hey Zombies!

Yesterday as I was shopping for wine for a small "Rock Band" get together..I noticed that my local grocery store was having a 40% off sale on their stock of Maybelline products. I never normally purchase cosmetics at the grocery store because of the prices, but when I saw this, I had to stop, because of the new Studio Eye line of shadows Maybelline has come out with. I stood and stared for a while, like I always do, to see if something jumped out at me, and it did. The Maybelline Studio Eye Baked Shadow duo in Navy Narcissit. I've been looking for a "blue" color that was just a little odd. I didn't want a matte blue or a whore light blue. And the blue in this quad looked exactly like what I was hunting. And being that is was 40% off, I picked it up for $4.70. Can't beat that.

I like the packaging. I'm a big mineral freak, so the fact that the eyshadow comes in a small sqaure container is a bonus, because it fits nicely in my stash. There are two shadows. The one of the left is a very bright blue with an undertone of purple. Not as pigmented as it looks, but as you layer it, it becomes more intense. I also swatched sans a primer, so I'm sure with a primer and a good cream base, this shadow is very bright. On the right side is a mashup for black, pink, the blue that's in the left of the duo, and white. Depending on where you swipe your brush the color you get is different every time, but mainly a dark blue/black color. Nice for crease. This side has more shimmer than the straight blue, which I like. (I'm a sparkle girl.) So I think for the price I paid (I think they retail for roughly $7.99 depending on where you buy) I got a quality shadow duo and the blue I was on the lookout for. Score x's 2.

I give this Baked Eyeshadow Duo 4 out of 5 Zombies. (4 because I was expecting a little more pigmentation.)

Peace out Zombie Lovies!

Maybelline Eye Studio Baked Eyeshadow Duo

Navy Narcissist #20

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