Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Impending Heavenly Naturals Review, Black Hair, and WoW!

Today I received my Heavenly Naturals Cosmetics order. I was so surprised when I opened the mailbox and THERE IT WAS! It's nice to live only...oh 2 hours away from Heavenly Naturals Headquarters. hehe We're both here in NM, so obviously shipping doesn't take long, but I didn't know it would be here the day after she shipped it! So, I was intending to do my review tomorrow night- with swatches. Lovely Zombies, you'll have to wait. I do however have a teaser picture.

It's unedited, so excuse the mess in the background! lolol

I decided on a whim this morning that I was sick and tired of the red hair and funky browish roots...So, I dyed it what the box described as "Medium Chestnut Brown." Ummm NO! Maybe the roots are, but the rest looks BLACK to me.. I feel all EMO. I'll have to see when it's dry and add some hotness eyeshadow. I'll post pics so you can all laugh at me.

But tonight, I have a date with World of Warcraft. My gnomey warlock can't level herself you know!

Sweet dreams everyone. < 3


  1. Im interested to see how theyve improved their products since I bought from them in July last year - the eyeshadows I got were just repackaged pure mica without a base, so they wouldnt stick or anything >_>

  2. Really? Humm.. I'm interested to see myself now!

  3. Hair colour always turns out extremely dark on me, so now I only go to a colourist at a salon (when I can afford it.. LOL). It should wash out a bit in a wek or two and will look closer to it's proper colour.

    I have a date tomorrow with my ICC 10 man raid on Horde side. I am a tauren druid. :P

  4. I've been buying Heavenly Naturals since August of 2008, and I have never had a problem with her eyeshadows or mineral blushes.

    I have some swatches of the Heavenly Naturals eyeshadow samples I purchased on my blog under "featured blogs"


    I just got a BUNCH of new ones . . I may have to swatch tonight . .



  5. I've never tried this brand. So I look forward to your review!
    I've been dying my hair natural black (1B) for about 4 years now. I like it because it looks good on me, doesn't fade like other fun colours and it's so easy to match my fake hair pieces. :-D
    My natural hair colour is a light golden brown/amber colour. Pretty, but kinda boring to me. Plus it is hard to match fake hair pieces to it. So black is my friend!
    You must post pics so we can see whatcha look like with your new hair!

  6. @ Blix: And YES, you pull off the black nicely. I'm just too chicken to actually commit to it. LOL But this dark brownish color I am digging. Makes me feel all RAWR! Oh and I posted one pic so far of the hair. More tonight. <3

    @ Dazzleglam: I'll check out your swatches for sure. I'm wearing Daddy's Girl today and holy snap, over a dark base, it's HAWT!

    @ Skulda..Happy Joy Joy another WoW junkie.. but you're Horde...hummm..hehehe!


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