Saturday, March 27, 2010

Red and Black Look for the WIN!!!!

Hello Zombinites!

Happy Ass Saturday! <3

Wooot another makeup look! I adore adore ADORE this look. Heartless Queen from Evil Shades just rocks my SOCKS OFF! I love that it's basically matte with a little bit of shimmer. And the staying power, pigmentation, and color of this shadow, let's just say, I'm lemming for a full size as I just have a sample. (Which I'm hording.)

What I did:

UDPP entire lid (DUH!)
NYX Pots and Pans on entire lid- blended with clean finger
Orglamix Cherry Blossom all over lower lid
Evil Shades Heartless Queen on top of that- (made the red in Heartless Queen POP!)
Orglamix Brimstone in crease
Evil Shades Zombie over Brimstone (I'm a Zombie a Zombie Worllllld!)
Orglamix Moonstone as a highlight base and on lower lash line
Basic black pencil liner for water line and upper lash line

Rimmel Bordeaux
Evil Shades Guilty as Sin over Bordeaux

And here you have it folks: Black and Red my staple colors and fit me to a tee! I LOVE EVIL SHADES!

Kicked the contrast up to show off the pigmentation of Heartless Queen!

Lid only- loook at that RED:

(Listening to Super Sexy Swingin' Sounds- White Zombie)



  1. I feel like being cheesy and saying this is red hot :P

    Dude, you have the prettiest lips!

  2. I like Heartless Queen too, did a make up with it few days ago. Only have a sample so might order a full size jar :D

    Great look!

  3. I love Heartless Queen, it's freaking fantastic. Love the red lips paired with it :)

  4. That looks awesome!! Red is a good color on you.

  5. @ SilhouetteScreams- not cheesy at all. After I posted this I kept singing "Well I'm hot blooded, check it and see." HAHA

    @ Duvessa- I only have a sample too. I so need the full size, it's become one of my favorite shadows in my collection.

    @ Heather- Thank you!! :)

    @ Meg- Thanks- just wait till you see what I do to you. MUhahahahaha!


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