Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Etsy Spotlight: *Kukubee*

So tonight I went on Etsy and did a generic search for "Zombie." Now of course, a kazillion different things came up. Some good, some bad, some cute, and some were friggin ugly. BUT, then I saw the Kukubee store which has little zippered pouches for sale the coolest being the Zombie Panda pouch. OMG, I am SO saving up some money to buy this. I'm thinking this would be so neat to hold my mineral samples that come in ziplock baggies. Anyway- check it out, and check out the store too- there are a variety of different pouches!

Images Property of: Kukubee

So Zombie Lovers....What do YOU think?



  1. Oh that is so cute! Grim Bunny and Vampire Panda zippers look adorable too :D

  2. I love the vampire cases too...They are all so cool!

  3. CUTE!! I love the grim Bunny!!


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