Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekly Waunderings- Concrete Minerals

Well...I happened across yet another *gasp* Etsy seller that caught my eye. I really need to stay OFF of that site. lol The shop is called "Concrete Minerals" and is run by Emily. She's new to Etsy, but I have a feeling that her shadows are going to be a new cult favorite. I placed my first order today for the colors "Smut" and "Temptress" and I'm super excited to see them first hand. Check out the amazing colors! Click image below for larger size.

Did I mention the names are freaking cool my fellow Zombies?! I mean I get to wear "Smut" and feel ok with that! HA I will review the products just as soon as they come in. I tell you.. I <3 Etsy!

Image Property of Concrete Minerals


  1. Those colors are awesome! Thanks for bringing them over to show me. :)

  2. That red really has me drooling .

  3. You're telling me Sarah! I can't wait to try it out too. These shadows are just intense and amazing. Review and swatches to come soon!


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