Saturday, April 17, 2010

*Deal of the Week: 04/17/2010*

Last week I decided I needed a new mascara. I've been using Avon Super Shock, but it hasn't been giving me the length I'd like recently. I've heard a lot about Cover Girl's Lash Blast mascara's and went to Walgreen's to take a peek. Well, on sale was the Lash Blast Luxe!  I think what I liked the most was the bright pinkish orange tube and wand. On the package was stated that it's a Shimmering Mascara...OooooooO! So, I bought it. (DUH!)  It was $1.50 less than normal retail. Can't remember right now how much exactly. I want to say $6.50 maybe? I purchased Black Platinum. The black color of the line. 

First I will say I saw a difference in length and volume of my lashes. They stood out more and they were indeed shimmery. I think the only downfall is that it IS shimmer and not straight black, so if you're looking for dramatic black coverage I would stick with the normal Lash Blast.

This is a pretty mascara and it's a nice addiction to my collection. I still am on the lookout for a dramatic (and budget friendly) black mascara.

Do you own this mascara Zombies? What do you think?



  1. Heyy Zombie, I don't own this mascara. I don't mind it though.
    You may want to try false lash effects mascara. It's pretty good :) volumises your eyes, lengthens your eyelashes, just got to love it :
    zombiee loveex

  2. Hi :) I dont own this either, we dont have it in the UK. But I was going to recommend the Max Factor False Lash Effect too.. I like it and I think its pretty good, I do think it takes a bit more time to apply than my others, I dont know what other people think.. I probably just dont take enough time, who knows, but I find if I rush the wand will inevitably end up touching somewhere where I dont want it to, just because its pretty big I think..
    Loreal Voluminous is good too, I have tried the Colossal one by Maybelline and I wasnt bowled over, neither with most Rimmel ones, theyre a bit flakey I think..

    Sorry for the essay!

  3. I use the original lash blast in very black... its my favorite mascara and though I try others, I always come back to it. I have never tried the Luxe though

  4. Am definitely considering this mascara. I was contemplating which one to try the other day, but was afraid the colors would be too much. Now that I have an idea, I think I'll be trying Black Cabernet (purple makes my eyes pop).

  5. I've not tried the Luxe version, but I loved the original WP version :)

  6. Sounds lovely. I may have to try this.


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