Saturday, April 3, 2010

*Deal of the Week: !Eyeliner Extravaganza! and Zombies*

Hello again!

This weekend was one of eyeliner for me. I set out on a mission to find a good purple liner for my lower lashes and/or water line when I didn't want to bother with a brush. I did find a couple cool purples, but I also found 3 kick ass black liners.....*Drum Roll*

I get can't get over Maybelline's new EyeStudio. I am IN LOVE. I've been all over Albuquerque trying to find it in black, but it's completely sold out. To my surprise they did have Charcoal at my local drugstore today. Charcoal is not quite black, but has a sheen of sparkle. It's perfect for those (like me) who like just a little sparkle in EVERYTHING.  I swatched it this afternoon at 2:00 PM. By 7:00 PM it hadn't budged. I was even trying at it and took a shower. This stuff is awesome. It does come with a mini eyeliner brush, but to me it's a little too thick. I'll stick with my own liner brush. Oh and it was on sale for $6.48!

I went to Sephora last night with the intention of spending $10.00. HA yeah right you're thinking? You're right. LMAO  I can't afford high end liners just yet at the moment. ( I was drooling over the Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Lust. It was SO hard for me to pass it up.) I located the Sephora brand liners. $8.00 a pop was better than $17.00. I picked up Electro black (black with glitter) and a Flashy Liner which is waterproof in Flashy Mauve. I love the black one- how can you screw but black with glitter?!  I'm not sure about Flashy Mauve. For one, it's NOT Mauve it's Lavender it's also very creamy and crumbles easily when being applied. The sharp end broke off the minute I swatched it for the first time. And it's SUPER light on my skin. Of course the light of Sephora made it pop and I couldn't put it down. I'll have to see what I can do with it. (I was NOT impressed with the "beauty expert" at Sephora....but that's another story. Shitty customer service is one of my biggest pet peeves ever.period.handsdown.)

And last but not least..I found my perfect purple without even trying. I was checking out the Maybelline liner and walked passed a NYC display. I don't normally look at NYC, just cause I prefer Rimmel. But there it was, shining like a beacon in a stormy sea....A beautiful purple liner called Through the Storm (told ya) with a blue sheen. It's even more pretty when swatched. It's a NYC Liner Duet, so there is matte black on the second side. Oh yeah..AND, it was only $1.86. SCORE! I'll be purchasing a few more of these. There was a really neat blue one too.

The name of this blog is "Makeup Zombie" because of my love for the two things. And I realized I haven't posted one thing about a Zombie- other than the cutesy zippered pouches last Saturday. So without further are some Zombie Chicks that I think are pretty kick ass!

They all make me happy.

Also, have you entered the Concrete Minerals giveaway yet? Contest ends tomorrow so you better get it. HERE! 

Dream of Brains Zombies..


  1. UD zero is my most beloved pencil liner. Check ebay or swap on MUA. They are worth it!!!!

  2. Evil, I have 5 UD 24/7 pencils (minis)..and of course Zero. They SO rock. It was so hard to walk away. But, I am on a budget and I'm being good...hahaha until tomorrow.

  3. Sweet! They must have finally given the duo NYC liners names now! I bought some 8 or 9 yrs ago and none of them had names but I got the blue, green, purple, silver and gold one(gold one totally sucked btw) Purple was my fav, it's the shortest one now (yup, still have them!)

  4. The dud Sephora liner looks like it could be a great eyeshadow base :D

  5. I've never been to Sephora but the liners look really nice. And those zombie gals are hot! Well, the one is just cute tho.

    I saw a music video recently that had zombie chicks dancing on poles. They weren't naked or anything but was still interesting!


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