Saturday, April 3, 2010

Decisions, Decisons, Decisions....* Hi-Fi Cosmetics*

Good morning Zombies!

I need your help. I recently placed an order from Hi-Fi Cosmetics for Morbid Faith, Words Are the Remedy, and Beautiful Tragedy. BUT, I want to buy 3 more to take advantage for her buy 2 get 1 free sale. I need help! For those of you who currently own Hi-Fi shadows, what are your favorite shades, what do you recommend or can't live without? Put on your thinking caps. Links to swatches help too. hehe

These are the 3 I'm waiting on now.

(Images property of Hi-Fi Cosmetics)

Hope you all have an excellent weekend.


  1. Shit dude, I haven't tried those 3! I'm going to order Hi Fi today and try to get samples of every color I don't have yet. You DEFINITELY do need Raid the King- her picture on the site is accurate, it's the most neon retina burning eyeshadow I've ever seen. It's great. I love Sugar, it's a really WHITE white. Tell Me Lies is my favorite color ever to do highlights with. California Girl is a BEAUTIFUL gold, probably my 2nd favorite ever. Rich Girl is not like the picture, I find it to be a really pretty pale neutral color.

    I have swatches of some colors on my blog, here, here, and here. Here are a ton of swatches from Blix's blog.

    Hope I helped you decide, even if maybe you decide you need like 30 more instead of 3 :D

  2. OOO Heather, thank you for the links. I'll be checking them out soon!! :)


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