Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Blog Award and My Choices!

A few days ago, I received my first blog "Sunshine" award from Ashley at awful beautiful dissary. The game is to think of blogs I'd like to award the Sunshine Award to.

And they follows: (these are in no particular order.)

Andrea at Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss- only because she freaking rocks. Period.

Blix at Glitter is my Crack- because she is so damn gorgeous and I love her creative looks.

Lillian at Funny Face's Place- because she's super cute and perky and I love her accent.

Martha at Planet Martha- because I love her beautiful blue eyes and her natural approach to makeup.

Zoffe at Zoffe's Makeup- because freaking DUH! she does the MOST amazing eyeshadow looks and is a real inspiration.

Phyrra at Fresco Phyrra- because she does the most incredible bright makeup and uses mostly Indie Mineral Makeup companies.

Silhouette Screams at Silhoutte Screams- because she is so cute and does the best EOTD. And she's kick ass.

Ashley at awful beautiful dissary for giving Makeup Zombie and award! plus she has a really cool blog.

These are my choices, as these are the blogs I frequent the most these days.

Thank you for the award Ashley!



  1. Awwh yay! Thank you :3 Zoffe, Blix, Lillian and Phyrra are awesome


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