Friday, April 16, 2010


And I haven't even tried them all on yet. Today I received, wrapped in lovely Zebra stripped tissue paper, a package from Fyrinnae!  O.M.G. I am seriously in awe of the colors I chose. Of course, I'll have a review and swatches coming up soon, but I couldn't wait to get on here and tell you all about it.

The colors I ordered are:

Digital Faerie Loose Eye Shadow 1 $2.00

Meerkat Loose Eye Shadow
1 $2.00

Delvian Loose Eye Shadow 1 $2.00

+20 Beautification Loose Eye Shadow
1 $2.00

Parental Advisory Loose Eye Shadow 1 $2.00

Necromantic Loose Eye Shadow
1 $2.00

Hypercool Loose Eye Shadow
1 $2.00

Arcane Magic: Faerie Glamour
1 $2.00

Damn Paladins Loose Eye Shadow
1 $2.00

Arcane Magic: Glitterboi
1 $2.00

Polar Bear Loose Eye Shadow
1 $2.00

Pixie Epoxy

I must say, that so far without really playing with them much that Digital Faerie, Meerkat, and Faerie Glamour are my favs. I can't WAIT to give these a go. I ordered the sample sizes and WOW, there is as much product in them as full size from *other* mineral companies. And they're only $2.00. SCORE!

 So who else is in love with Fyrinnae? What are your favorite colors?


  1. Polar Bear
    Rapunzel had Extensions
    We're All Mad Here
    are my top 3 favs so far :)

  2. I just placed my first fyrinnae order, so excited to try them out. Can't wait to see some of your looks!

  3. Hurry up and post the review already!! (I'm living vicariously through you cuz if I bring home/order one.more.thing, DH is going to murderize me)

  4. I've still not tried them :( but I'm dying to get some of the Pixie Epoxy!

  5. I love them allll! I like Darling Misfit and Javan Rhino the best maybe.

  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of Fyrinnae!! Seriously every color is a surprise with them.

    My "favorites" (even thought they're ALL my favorites), so far, are:

    Rapunzel Had Extenstions
    Digital Faerie
    Faerie Glamour
    Adam & Steve's
    Pyromantic Erotica
    Sennyo (AMAZING for brown-eyed beauties)

    I could go on, so I'll stop. Try their lip lustres and glow blushes too. Their blushes really don't get enough love, and the lip lustres are a world of their own.
    I have a ton of their swatches on my blog, if you want to see them.

  7. @ Dominique: You're the second person who's said Rapunzel..MAN, now I have to place another order. LOL And my free sample was Sennyo- now I'm super excited. I'll check out your blog. Thanks!

    @ Megan- he's just got to understand the "obsession." I'll explain it to him. LOL

    @ Nina- you'll have to let me know what you think!!

  8. I don't have much Fyrinnae but what i do have i adore. The Lip Lustres are amazing and i love all the shadows i've tried.


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