Friday, April 2, 2010

LOTD *Star Trax*

Hello lovely Zombies!

This is my first official "Look of the Day." I began playing around with some new lighting for doing my makeup and trimmed up my disgusting eyebrows last night, so this morning I came up with this look. My inspiration is "Awakening" nail polish by China Glaze. It's such a gorgeous color and I really wanted to use it on my eyes. Did I get close?


The goods:
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Evil Shades Shadow in Coffin (all over lid)
Evil Shades Shadow in Zombie (outer V)
MAC Trax on top of Coffin and Zombie
MAC Star Violet in Crease
Urban Decay Sellout as highlight
Black eyeliner top and bottom lash lines
Trax on lower lashes
Avon Super Shock mascara in Black

MAC "O" and Evil Shades "Guilty as Sin" gloss on top


Because I'm a nerd- here's me in my finest form.

Have a beautiful weekend Zombies. Merry Easter Bunny to you all!


  1. It looks dead-on to the polish shade. Totally makes your eyes POP also! I gotta say, your lips always look as great as your eyes and you should do a tutorial/ review focused on lips!

  2. You nailed it lovie! Stunning!

  3. You totally got it to look like the polish! Love it, you're stunning. I'm jealous of your voluptuous lips lol

  4. It looks JUST like the nail polish :D so pretty

  5. wow your eyes are real killers with this colour eyeshadow !

  6. i agree with martian, your eye color looks amazing!


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