Wednesday, May 26, 2010

!My 100th Post! High Voltage Cosmetics Review and SWATCHES!

Good evening Zombies!

Ok...I just couldn't wait to do this review. I was going to take my time with swatches and create a remarkable write up, but this is too exciting to wait. Plus this is my 100th post, so even more cause to celebrate!

I recently befriended a person on Twitter called "MadeULookMakeup" and came to realize that she is the owner Jasmine of High Voltage Cosmetics.  Once I opened the High Voltage website, I knew this was going to be a fantastic new friendship. LOL  I browsed the site for a good hour, if not longer, trying to find 2 eyeshadow I couldn't live without.  (I'm on a pretty tight budget these days, so I could only get 2. And really at $3.50 each for a 5 gram jar (which was PACKED to the rim) I didn't feel guilty about spending the $7.00.)  Ok, I'll stop rambling.

I placed my order on 05/21/2010 and received it today 05/26/2010.  Because the 21st was a Friday, I believe this was extremely quick shipping!  I wasn't totally impressed with the mailer they came in, because it was torn on one side, but that's not HVC's fault, that's our lovely postal service! The 2 shadows were bubble wrapped very securley and that made me feel good. The best part is when I unwrapped and swatched. Holy mother of freaking ZOMBIES.....I could not believe my eyes. You know that feeling you get when you don't really know what to expect from something and it totally surpasses your expectations? This is is exactly what I felt when I swatched Midnight Desire and Born to Rock!

Midnight Desire is a lush royal purple with intense blue undertones. it is...omgfaintbeautiful!

Born to Rock is a gorgeous lavender color with lime green duocrome. OMG, this is amazing!

The shadows are so creamy and soft. Also very well blended. And as I said before, the jars were packed to the rim!

I swatched each color over Pixie Epoxy on the top of the swatch and dragged the swatch down over bare skin for comparison sake.

I am in total lust with High Voltage Cosmetics. Not only is the customer service to die for, the shadows are beautiful and unique. I have a couple already jotted down on my want list. I can not wait to try more of this terrific product.

I give High Voltage Cosmetics 5.5 out of 5 Zombies. Order now....! NOW! And tell her Zombie sent you!


  1. Midnight desire is awesome looking!
    Born to Rock is really pretty, I think I have that :)

  2. Ooo, really like both of them but since I'm still waiting both Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh samples to come I can't afford/shouldn't buy yet another ones. So I just put the company behind my ear and will order from them later on :)

  3. i have a feeling that i'm going to love everything you do with "Born To Rock"

  4. Born To Rock surprised me too! Your swatch is much better than mine, lol.

    I really want to try Midnight Desire now!

  5. Oh god I need Midnight Desire! It looks like an eyeshadow version of one of the new Sally Hansen HD polishes I got.

  6. Born to Rock looks so amazing...Oh crap I don't need more makeup...wait, what am I saying?! *slaps self in the face*

  7. When I swatched Born to Rock, I got goosebumps! How pathetic is THAT! LMAO We're addicted girls...and we rock!

  8. *drool* found another company and you didn't tell me?! WTH?? LOL Those are gorgeous!! Man...I *almost* wish my parents weren't coming this weekend. Almost. Congrats on your 100th post. You ROCK!!

  9. Oh wow those are so pretty! I looove Hi fi :)

  10. I love High Voltage too.:)
    I think i must grab the Born to Rock.
    I like their new swatches, I really don't like their old swatches.


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