Thursday, May 20, 2010

NYX Lipstick Review and SWATCHES!

My BFF Megan and I have been on a makeup buying rampage the last few weeks. I'll order something and throw something in for her, and in return, she'll order something and throw something in for me. I think we're just about even and no money exchanged hands..Well, except what we spent on the makeup. LOL (Shh don't tell our husbands!)  Last week Megan placed a Cherry Culture order. She's been dying to try the Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils. (DUH!) So I had her grab me 5 Round Lipsticks ($1.99 each) and a liner. Can you believe ALL of that (my order) was under $12.00?!  This is why I ADORE Cherry Culture!

One thing I have learned about NYX is to NOT trust their swatches online. The 5 lipsticks I purchased looked totally different in person than they did online. Not to mention one of the lippies looks much prettier than it does in the tube. Go figure.. Ok, I'll quit rambling and get on with the goods!

I ordered (L to R):

Violet Ray, Hero, B52, Indian Pink, and Darling. I also ordered the Long Lip Pencil in Mauve.

All are swatched in this same order.

They are all very creamy and wearable. There is a slight scent to the lippies, but nothing inbearable. BUT! With Indian Pink, I did notice a weird plasticy taste once I put it on. I don't know if that will last, but that grossed me out just a little.

Also, as I said before, don't trust the swatches on the Cherry Culture website..and the tube for that matter on some of them. I purchased Hero because I believed it to be a shocking blue based red. I got the tube and was so disappointed, because if you look at the tube, it looks more brown based..But once swatched...there it was the RED I really wanted.

(Don't mind the crappy application..LOL)

These lippies wear quite nicely too. I wore the swatches for an hour before washing them off and I can still see the colors. So, this leads me to believe the last a long time!  I'm very happy with my little haul.

I give NYX Round Lipsticks 4.5 out of 5 Zombies!


  1. How excited were both of us with Hero?! LMAO Great colors. I like B52 the best and if (read: when) I order again, I'll probably throw that in the pile. :)

  2. I adore NYX lippies. My favorites are Ceto, Power, Paris, hebe. Mauve is my everyday lipliner....

    Enjoy !

    Caro xxx

  3. Aaaah I love NYX lippies! Its hard for me to get them here, the sites that do shipping to the UK at a reasonable rate so often don't have the colours I want to buy! I really want Hero now. It'll look really nice sat in my lipstick box next to the other 12,352 reds I don't wear.

    Love B52, wear it all the time :)

  4. Oh wow I love Hero, too! And Indian Pink. Great swatches, thank you!

  5. I looooove Indian Pink :) I absolutely hated it with my skintone when I first got it, but now I adore it.

  6. Hero looks so nice! I have violet ray but it doesn't go on me very well for some reason. Maybe I'll try it again sometime to see if it's different.
    Thanks for the swatches!

  7. I only have one Nyx lipstick that I recently acquired, but I'm really impressed. Your swatches are awesome!


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