Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aromaleigh Lost in Faerie Collection *SWATCHES*

Evening Zombies!

I received my samples from Aromaleigh earlier this week. I didn't realize there would be so many to swatch, so it took me a little while to get this posted.

I've only really had one experience with Aromaleigh eyeshadow (well 2) and it was with a couple of the ROCKS! eyeshadow. Let's just say, I wasn't totally sold. But this is before they were reformulated, so I won't base much on that.  I received "Victoria's Revenge" samples from a recent giveaway from Phyrra and was UBER stoked about those eyeshadow.

Anyway, below are the swatches of the newest collection "Lost in Faerie." To be honest I don't know when it's going to be released.  But I do know this..I will be purchasing full size of a few of these.

I didn't swatch in any particular order but each is swatched over Fyrianne Pixie Epoxy. Hand "2" is my favorite. I don't think there is a color on there that didn't catch my attention for one reason or another. I will note that most of these shadows are a SUPER sparkle fest (mainly silver sparkles). Some of them are more complex than others and hard to photograph.

(Click images for maximum goodness!)

My favorites from this collection are:

Emeranta: purple with blue undertones and lotz a sparkle
Elysia: Baby blue wutg a hint of pink and lotz a sparkle
Meliora: Blue with blue and pink sparkle (NOM NOM NOM)
Naida: Silver with a pink undertone and lotz a sparkle
Caelia: Lavendar with blue undertone and lotz a sparkle

*I did receive this samples for free for review purposes only.

So, what do you think? Any colors catch your eye so far?


  1. I want them all!!! Your swatches now make me love Eglantine and Pherenice, I didn't realize how pretty they were.
    The more swatches I see the prettier they all seem to look :P

  2. I can't wait until this collection is released! You swatches look great :)

  3. I'm dying for this collection to go live! Great swatches :>

  4. The Xylia and Zanna are my favs. I see myself getting the entire collection, though. I can't say there is one that I don't like.

    Will you create some looks with these, and post them, when you do get your full-sizes? Maybe you can do it before then??? hint-hint ;p

  5. @Kimberly- I will be doing some looks very soon with these. Stay tuned...the fun starts tomorrow!

  6. Oh wow. I looove Elysia and Pherence, so pretty. And great swatches, thank you!


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