Sunday, July 4, 2010

Totally Unrelated to Makeup! My Hubs is a Stormtrooper!

Happy Sunday ladies!

I've decided later today I'm going to do my very own "dark faerie" look. Gotta join in the fun. If you want to be apart of this email me at and I'll give you specifics.

Anyway, I had a breakthrough this week with my husband. He actually asked me if I'd show him the blog. (I was floored!) He's normally not very interested in it. So, on Friday night, he spent an hour looking through the posts and reading the comments. He said he was impressed. But asked me two things:  Why don't I have anything about him on the blog and why haven't I posted pics of myself minus makeup. I realized, I hadn't really done either. So, here are both. LOL

My husband owns storm trooper armor. Yes, the real kind, not a costume you'd buy at Halloween. He had to actually piece it together himself, so he's really proud of it. As you can see below.

And here I am with NO makeup. I didn't say I was gonna post a bare faced pic now did I? Muahahaha. This is how I'd look if I really were a Zombie. Yikes. My poor family!

So what's everyone's plans for this evening? We're going to sit on our front "deck" and watch fireworks. NM is pretty dry and we have lots of firework restrictions, so we'll watch the big show and hopefully some jack arse won't burn down Albuquerque.



  1. Great stormtrooper armor!! Is he a part of the 501st?

    I've just shot you an email about the Dark Faerie look thing - I'd love to hear more details! (Maybe I could use BĂȘte Noire and LiF colors to build...)

  2. Ahahahahahahaa! I love the Storm Trooper Armor. :)

    Then again, I am partial to armor between historical reenactment & Renaissance Faires.

  3. Your hub is a DORK! LOL Looks like he was having fun there. And gah! You're pretty scary without makeup. :)

  4. OMFG! I used to date a guy that would die 5x over for that Storm Trooper suit! Great detail and work on it. I was such a Star Wars geek as a kid (original movie only, I don't do sequals or prequals).

    And I chuckled when I saw your non-make-up look. I was really excited to see your un-done face, lol.

  5. Isn't he a little short for a storm trooper?

  6. @LiAnn: he was part of the 501st- but with 3 kids it's been hard for him to do the events. :/

    @Robyn: now you know why we named our daughter Leia.. (dramatic eye roll)

  7. Awesome! I have a lot of friends in an organisation called Rebel Empire, which is a small-scale, Aussie version of the 501st :)

  8. LOL your husband is AWESOME. It reminds me of some Star Was doco I saw that was basically about people who dress up in Storm Trooper gear XD

  9. I think you're puuurty! Do a no makeup picture.!!!!!

    Happy new day back @ work... MEH!

  10. Hi Wendi. My name is Lia, My son is having a birthday next week. do you think your husband can come and just surprise him for few minutes and take some pictures? i can pay. please email me at


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