Monday, August 23, 2010

Swatches are FUN! *GREEN*

Swatches are fun, but swatching is NOT!

Tonight is a beautiful rainy night here in Albuquerque. It rained for a good hour earlier with TONS of lightning and thunder. My kids were troopers and actually slept through most of it! I wanted to stay offline as much as possible, so decided to do some swatching. I'll be swatching all my eyeshadows by color. YAY! I remember before starting my blog how I liked to Google certain shades before buying. I thought swatches were extremely helpful, so this is a 'sharing is caring' post.

So tonight I bring you my "green" swatches. This is mainly ONLY mineral eyeshadow. I didn't want to do through my palettes, cause, well...MEH. It became abundantly clear that I do not own enough green shades. I must fix that, and SOON! lol

The contenders this evening: (in no particular order)

Hi-Fi Cosmetics
Evil Shades
High Voltage Cosmetics
OrglamixMoi Minerals
Concrete Mineral

Click for larger image:

 I hope you're all having a fantastic evening. I'm off for a little R&R and then bed.


  1. I agree with Evil Angel. It's my favourite colour. When I get some extra money I'm buying a bunch of shadows from Fyrrinae and Evil Shades (samples at first) because you ladies have stirred the creative bug in me again.

  2. Love Zombie Chic and Hypercool... I have some stuff waiting to be swatched but it's such crappy rain weather I just can't!

  3. Some beautiful greens there - I have a couple of them as well :)

  4. I love them...I have a few of them too, but temptress is calling my name....

  5. Hypercool is definitely the standout there! What a great idea to swatch them in color groups. The rain was AWESOME!!! I think we got more rain last night than the entire monsoon season combined!

  6. Love the look of Zombie Chic :D I need more greens too!


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