Friday, August 27, 2010

Swatches are FUN! *PURPLE*

Good Friday evening my dear Zombies!

What is it about purple? I know a few people who confess that they have more purple in their makeup stash, nailpolish stash, clothing, etc. than any other color. There is something deliciously special about purple. It can have pink undertones, blue undertones, it can be sprinkled with glitter or vividly matte. Purple

Here I have swatched all 33 of my mineral purple shades. I have others, but they aren't in jar form, so I didn't bother. The more I swatched, the more I thought to myself, "DAMN, you really need to wear this one more often" or "oooo look at that glitter", etc.

The contenders this evening (in no particular order) swatched over Pixie Epoxy:

Fyrinnae ( I own a ton of Fyrinnae purples)
Concrete Minerals
Darling Girl Cosmetics
High Voltage Cosmetics
Hi-Fi Cosmetics
Evil Shades

Click images for maximum goodness!

Evil Shades is having a weekend sale RIGHT NOW! There is also a new Mythology Collection which was released today. RUN, DO NOT WALK to ES now and pick yours up today!


  1. You need more purples don't you think? :o)

  2. WOW! Gorgeous! I have "issues" with purple too, in both eyeshadow and yarn forms. Oh, and eyeliner. *goes off to check out Darling Girl's website*

  3. I personally love purple the most when it comes to what color shadow looks best on me. Although I have gotten a lot of compliments when wearing green as well.

  4. Purples are my fav! Cupcake Sprinkles is now on my list...

  5. LOL! You pushed me over the edge and I bought a bunch of ES samples to tide me over until I can afford full-sized! NAUGHTY!!

  6. Daaaaaam I need Fyrinnae's Nevermore and Evil Shades Chusi!

  7. Argh I need more ES!!!! Glad to see the Fyrinnae purples I ordered are pretty, too :D

  8. Dood! I commented on this but it's not on here. Anyway, that's a great collection! Faerie Glamour reminds me a lot of Born to Rock. How do you get your swatches all uniform like that?

  9. Purples are so much fun! I like the Darling Girl Masquerade.


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