Tuesday, November 9, 2010

!My favorite blush! A SHOWDOWN!


After purchasing NARS "Orgasm" last week, I had a tinge of buyers remorse, seeing as I already had Milani's "Luminous" blush.  These two really are similar enough that you don't really need both. Orgasm is slightly more pink however and has longer staying power. The surprising "lasting power" winner in this lot was Maybelline's Dream Mousse blush in "Peach Satin." After having the swatches on my hands for 2 hours, it's the most vibrant of them all.

I chose the following 6 blushes, because in my eyes, they are similar and ones I use frequently.

Nars "Orgasm"
Milani "Luminous"
Ulta "Afterglow"
Hard Candy "Living Doll"
Fyrinnae "Captivate"
Maybelline Mousse blush "Peach Satin"

As you can see Orgasm and Luminous are super similar in their packaging. But look closely below and you'll see that Orgasm has more pink in it. In all honestly, I think that Fyrinnae's Glow Blush "Captivate" is actually a better dupe for Orgasm. Plus it has much more gold in it. Such a gorgeous blush!

Each blush is different and beautiful in it's own way, but Orgasm and Captivate are the most similar. Hard Candy "Living Doll" is obviously more "girly" pink, which is why I adore this blush.  Maybelline's "Peach Satin" is the hardest of all to apply, as it's difficult to blend into skin, but once it's on, this baby sticks around!  Also, if you already have Milani's "Luminous", I don't think you need "Afterglow" from Ulta, as these two are pretty similar as well.

With all that being said, I'm still on the fence about Orgasm. I can't help but think I should have gone with a slightly darker NARS blush like Deep Throat maybe. Especially since I already have Captivate. Who knows, maybe I'll end up swapping it one day. 

My thoughts on each:

Nars Orgasm (2): great blush, but did buy it just because it's "Orgasm." I think I should have done a little more shopping aorund.

Milani Luminous (5): Nice golden pink, but it does wear off easily.

Ulta Aferglow (4): a good dupe to Luminous. A little more pink with less gold. Nice lasting power.

Maybelline Peach Satin (6): a gorgeous pink with application issues. The best blush for staying power.

Fyrinnae Captivate (1): everything I was hoping Orgasm to be. My favorite of the lot.

Hard Candy Living Doll (3): my favorite dolly pink blush. Gives cheeks a luminous glow.

So tell me Zombies, which is your favorite from the group? Do you own Orgasm and if so what are your thoughts?


  1. I love Luminous blush!!!!!! I find that it wears a little longer if you put it layered on top of illuminating cream or whatever the heck that stuff is. lol

  2. Everything looks pretty! I almost got suckered into buying 'Orgasm', too, 'til I realised it's just a pink with gold shimmer...practically every brand has a colour like that!

  3. I need Fyrinnae's Captivate. Lol, I refuse to buy the NARS Orgasm blush and was especially excited when Aromaleigh put up for sale some mini jars of Verve.

  4. I need Living Doll!!! So pretty and feminine♥♥♥

    I have Orgasm too and like it but everyone seems to have a shade similar to it, so I am sure I could have gotten one I love without the shock to my wallet, lol

  5. I've had both the Orgasm blush and lip gloss and the lip gloss was crap. Hated it. BUT the blush is so dang expensive that Captivate to me, looks better and I can get moooore! :) Thanks for this. I am always looking for great blushes and the Fyrinnae one is on my list!

  6. I only have one blush (because I'm a noob) and it's a rose/gold shimmer from the Body Shop. I wonder if it's similar.
    Did you brush on a lot of blush on your hand? They look so pink!

  7. Awesome post! I've put captivate on my next Fyrinnae order, it looks lovely! The thing with blushes is that on the face, blended out, they really don't look different at all. I'd still buy the Nars if I had the money though, ha!

  8. The first 4 look pretty much the same (from L to R). My favorite are Orgasm and Afterglow. I wouldn't really know how to apply my blush from a jar... I'd probably look like a sick clown. =D

  9. Captivate is lovely! I never realized it's such a good dupe of Orgasm. Thank you for the swatches!

  10. Damn I need to bust my Fyrinnae blushes back out for use. They're SOOOO pigmented that I get nervous, lol.

  11. I have Luminous and Afterglow. Another somewhat dupe is one from Mark. I have it but don't have a label on it. :( Then there is Flirt's Heart Candy. That's Kohl's makeup, which I never see on blogs, for some reason. But, the packaging of Flirt is even similar to NARS.

  12. This was a great comparison! I'm a new Nars Orgasm owner. Got it from a giveaway. I do like it, just not sure if its worth they hype. I really like Fryinnae Captivate! But they are all such pretty colors!

  13. Captivate, Living Doll and Afterglow are the ones I like best :)

  14. Omg Captivate and Living Doll are beautiful! You should totally get Deep Throat, I have it and love it ;] I swatched Orgasm at the store the other day and could barely get any payoff, but Deep Throat is looooovely.

  15. Those are so pretty! I also agree the first 4 look a lor a like. I also really like Captive.


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