Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Kid on the Block Alert! Face Candy Couture!

Greetings Zombies!

This evening I have a brand new company to introduce you all to! I was recently contacted by Shantle with Face Candy Couture asking if I'd review her new line of eyeshadow. I was excited to check them out, because 1. the website is pretty and I like her banner and 2. the colors really caught my eye. Shantle sent me 6 mini jars (I chose, Antique Sea, Pretty, Barbie Glam, Isis, Carri bean Dream, and Danger) and 3 sample baggies Copper Bliss, Lovely, and Romantique.

I immediately fell in love with the packaging, but not because of the labels on the top of the jars, but the labels on the bottom of the jars. I love the font she used and love that the ingredients are also listed. The packaging is very feminine and pretty.

3 of the jars came with sifters and 3 without. From my initial swatches, I was impressed but not overly with the colors. They are softer than I'm used to and I think that was part of my hesitance. But once I got out the Pixie Epoxy, everything changed. (Maybe PE has magical powers!) I was over the moon for Pretty. This color is exactly what the name suggests.... "Pretty." It's a soft rose color with a green shift. And not your run of the mill shift, it has a dramatic and gorgeous shift. I do not own another color like this. I do recommend you go right now and purchase it!

Descriptions from the website directly.
Danger: is a pretty deep plum color with sort of a burgundy undertone and accented with gold sparkles.
Pretty: is the prettiest soft pink with an iridescent undertone.
Isis: an amazing golden yellow with gold sparkles and a deep orange undertone.
Caribbean Dream: is a a bright aqua color with yummy shimmer and a tropical look.
Antique Sea: is an amazing vintage muted blue color with some shimmer.
Barbie Glam: is a sexy perfect pink color with lots of silver shimmer.
Romantique: is a beautiful soft light pink with lots of shimmer.
Copper Bliss: is a beautiful copper with gold sparkle shimmer.
Lovely: a very sexy hot pink with golden sparkles for accents.

Ooooo pretties!

The descriptions and pictures on the website aren't too far off from the eyeshadow itself, in fact they are pretty accurate. The only eyeshadow that I had blend-ability issues with was Isis. Upon swatching the first time, it felt gritty from the glitter, but I didn't have an issue after that. Could have just been glitter that settled into the top of the jar.

*Each eyeshadow is $4.99 for a 5 gram jar, which holds 1.2 grams of product. *

Face Candy Couture is also offering free samples here!

My favorites so far are Pretty, Lovely, and Danger. I'm excited to see what the future hold for this new company and I wish Shantle the best of luck!

4.5 out of 5 Zommmbies would eat the brraaaains of Face Candy Couture!

**HEY! Are you still with me? Really? Good. Because, Shantle has also graciously offered up 4 3 gram jars of mineral eyeshadow to one lucky MZ reader (winner gets to pick the 4 shades)! All you have to do is become a follower if you're not already of Makeup Zombie, then visit the Face Candy website, and tell me 4 products you'd LOVE to try out from Face Candy Couture! Extra entries for blogging, twitting, or Facebook'ing about this giveaway! (Please leave all that good stuff in one comment with your email address!)** Giveaway is open International and will run from today (11/18/2010) until 11/25/2010 (HAPPY TURKEY DAY!) A winner will be picked at random on 11/26/2010.**



  1. Ooh they look pretty!! :-) I am going to check out the site, I love all of the sites you post! and i can't wait to receive the packages I ordered you are like my makeup hero, and quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers! :-)

    Thanks or being awesome!!

    I do have one question though, Ive never really applied loose mineral shadows any tips for beginner easy application? :)


  2. I visited the site. The colors I'd want is I won would be:

    Also blogged:
    I also facebooked about it:!/andrea.trenary

    I hope I entered right.

    My email is

  3. @ liquoredonlacquer: a good start with mineral eyeshadow is to purchase a sticky base and a primer. The primer (Urban Decay primer potion, etc.) goes under your base to avoid creasing and a sticky base holds on the the pigments. So, I use NTX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils, Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae and Shadow Fix from Hi-Fi Cosmetics. A good brush (or 8) is always a must too! But mostly, practice makes perfect.:) And YouTube! And thank you for the kind words. It means alot to me.

  4. Wow...pretty colors! I like Feuta Marie, Sassy, Fall Sky, and Wink.

    I tweeted at

  5. ...and I forgot my email address. Obviously, your zombies ate my brains and thus I'm on autopilot.

    liann at sparklecrackcentral dot com

  6. thanks for the reply!! :-) I did order the pixie epoxy so im very excited! :-)

    Id also like to enter the giveaway - I just ordered a couple of them - I know I can't help myself but I'd always enjoy more! :-D the four I'd like are Imagine, Chill, Sweet Innocence and June bug! :-)

    my e-mail address is

    And I made a link on my sidebar :-)

  7. PE does have magical powers. Can't live without it!!

  8. hehe...I had ordered the sample from her etsy store, i think I'll be able to get it tomorrow.
    The color that I would want are:
    Barbie Glam
    Antique Sea

  9. The swatches look promising; I'm excited to try these!

    Pinky Star
    Pink Fairy Dust


  10. Oooh, they look good! I like website, it's pretty!

    I would choooooose... errrrr...Deep Cranberry, Imagine, Carribean Dream and Turning. Love all the greens!

  11. Very pretty colors you reviewed!
    The colors that really jumped out at me were Sarah, Cotton Candy, and Pumpkin. I'm a new follower. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway. I love your blog!

  12. I like her site - the bright colors of her store title, the colors she offers, etc. It's all good! Chose 4? There's so many good ones to chose from! Please enter me.
    I'm a follower of your blog.
    I'd chose June Bug, Wonder, Pinecone & Pink Fairy Dust
    I FB'd a link to this post.

  13. You are so bad for showing me new companies! Love the name Face Candy Couture!

    The colors I want are:
    Sweet Duece

    email: the(dash)peach(at)hotmail(dot)com

  14. I ordered two last night and the 5 samples and she sent me a very nice e-mail this morning about how excited she was that I was the first order from the website :-) I'm very excited to receive my order :-D

  15. I gave you a blog award :)

    you probably have one million ♥

  16. I ordered the 5 samples this morning and got a reply within an hour :)
    Not going to go back on the website because it took me so long to work out the 5 samples I wanted to try, so I will go for the ones you swatched: barbie girl, danger, antique sea and caribbean dream... they all look pretty though !

    Gonna put the giveaway on my blog (not blogging much at the mo so hopefully it will remind people that I am still alive !)

    Thanks for the giveaway xx
    Martiandelights at

  17. Hi :) i'm following you on GFC as Jennifer.

    I'd love to try:
    Sneaky, Romantique, Lacey, Maple!

    jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

    feel free to enter my blog giveaway too :D

    thanks for your great giveaway <3!

  18. The colors are so pretty and vibrant!! And there are sooo many to choose from! I'd love to try Clarissa, Harvest Moon, Olive Lust, and Dare.

    I blogged and put it on my sidebar :)



  19. Follow via GFC as Monik.
    I'd love to try Pink Honey Drop, Damask Grey, Clarissa, 70's Chic.

    Blog this giveaway here.
    Tweet this giveaway here.

  20. I'd so love to get Caribbean Dream, Isis, Calm and Smurfette :)

    I'm a follower as Mai

    dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

  21. Ooooh Danger and Caribbean Dream look gorgeous.

    I'd love to try Shout, Sabrina, Lavender Fields and Goldilocks


  22. Hi,
    enter me ,please!
    I follow you via GFC(Camelia Andrasescu )
    I'd like to try :
    -Lavender Fields
    -Caribbean Dreams

  23. Hello! I would like to enter. My favorites from the website are: Sarah, Midnight Blue, Carnival and Mystery.

    I put a link to this giveaway in my sidebar. It's located here:

    My e-mail is:

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Whew! Just making it in time!
    I love how Pixie Epoxy works wonders on every eyeshadow out there! It's insane isn't it?

    I'd love to try out Sudden, Lavender Fields, Feuta Marie and of course - Pretty!

    My email is suzukinatsumi @

    Thank you for the giveaway.


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