Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heavenly Naturals Review and Swatches! *Updated*

Ok, before I jump into this.. I have mixed feelings right now. I am new to mineral eyeshadow and Google has taught me a lot about what to and what not to expect when it comes to mineral shadows. Now, the thought of someone "repacking" their minerals doesn't make too much sense to me. I mean, I get the fact that it's really kinda cheating to buy a product and claim it as your own. But honestly, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm just looking for purty colors. I look for good customer service, an honest person, someone who communicates well, and won't beat around the bush when you have a serious question about their product. As I continue on my Mineral Eyeshadow journey, this all may change drastically, but for now...I'm happy with my collection.

That being said, let's begin..

 The Good:
  • The very first positive thing I have to say about Heavenly Naturals is that the customer service is stellar. I know I've said that before and I now have to bite my tongue over a certain company, BUT, this one is the real deal. Rene the owner was very quick with responses to Etsy messages, even though I purchased from the website. (I just found it easier to communicate via Etsy." She was helpful with color ideas, and answered many questions I had. 
  • The Heavenly Naturals website is KICK ASS! Not only does she sell mineral eyeshadow, but she sales bath and body good, lip stuffs, perfume, glitter, glitter gel liners...I could go on, why don't you just check her out for yourself.
  • The shadows are pigmented ( if used with a good base) and I did really see some colors that were unique and nothing like I've ever seen before..Such as "Daddy's Girl" a duo chrome purple with a blue sheen, "Cupcake" a metallic rose color, and "Wish" (this is freaking AWESOME) which looks off white in the jar and goes on iridescent purple.
  • You can purchase 5 gram sample jars for $1.75- which have 1/4 Tsp product. DUH!  Who would pass that up. LOL You can also buy full size and samples in plastic zip lock baggies. Each jar was sealed and did have a removable sticker over the sifter.
  • Shipping is quick!
  • I wore "Daddy's Girl" today and it's still as vibrant as when I left the house this morning. SCORE!
  • I received 3 other samples in zip lock baggie form. Who doesn't love getting MORE shadow! Rene does give out 2 random samples in zip lock baggies with every order.
The Bad:
  • There are claims that Rene repackages some of her shadows. I really only found 2 (of the one's I purchased that are similar to "other" shadows I have. I by no means have a huge collection.
  • The "mattes" such as "Impulsive" and "Glamor Girl" were not as pigmented as I was hoping. Now over a good base they came out better than by themselves on bare skin, but I can foresee them being hard to work with.
The Ugly:
  • I swatched "Panic" next to another shadow I have called "Sellout" from a seller that's also been known to "repackage" and they are the exact (and I mean exact) same color. I was actually a little taken aback. This could be a coincidence, cause a vibrant green color with a gold base is hot right now. But to me it seemed too close for comfort. 
I do intend on contacting Rene, just to ask her about the claims. But from what I can tell, most of the colors seem unique to me, and I really adore them. They are easy to blend and they are vibrant.  Overall, I'm excited to have found this company and I will order from her again..I mean, how can I not, she's in New Mexico too. 

** I did receive a message back from Rene in regards to repackaging:

"I am so glad that you asked about the repackaging, I do sell colors that are repackaged, I have always been open and honest about it with anyone who asked. I carry all of the basic colors that you will find in a box of crayons, and the colors that cannot be duplicated, gold, silver, white, & black. If you look at any line of mineral makeup these basic colors will be found across the board, and they will also be found in the bigger name companies like MAC as well. I chose to include these uncut colors mainly because of their versitility. Any customer who buys these colors can mix any color they want using just a few colors. for instance if you want a lime green you can mix some logic and some panic and wa la you have a whole new shade. While we specialize in colors you won't find anywhere else, I think that no line is complete without the basics."

I swatched shadows over NYX Pots and Pans: silver cream jumbo eye pencil.

Top left to right: (descriptions are per the website)

Imagination: deep purple color with green highlights, Pixie: very vibrant and rich blue, Glamour Girl: luxurious lavender color, Impulsive: Super Hot bright pink Pigment is a UV light responsive color, Ransom: wonderful antique gold
Purity: Lavander splender with golden flecks, Daddy's Girl: sweet lilac eyeshadow with captivating violet highlights, Laurel Fairy: intensely beautiful deep dark purple, SangReal: blood red color, Panic: delicious green,
Dutchess: intensely sparkly rosy pink, Cupcake: royal icing pink, Heartbreaker: a soft baby pink, Wish: sweet girly peachy pink, Unicorn Tears: wonderful rainbow sparkle loose glitter.

Me wearing "Daddy's Girl" over MAC's "Blue Flame" that came out with Style Black.

I rate Heavenly Naturals with a 4 out of 5 Zombies.. Cause I can!

Do you have anything you'd like to add to the review?

This Isn't What I Ordered!

Ok so...Here's my Nutmeg hair. It's a little darker then I was hoping, but dry not as dark as it looked last night. What do you think? Does it work with my skin tone? I don't like my bangs- I'm trying to grow them out.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Impending Heavenly Naturals Review, Black Hair, and WoW!

Today I received my Heavenly Naturals Cosmetics order. I was so surprised when I opened the mailbox and THERE IT WAS! It's nice to live only...oh 2 hours away from Heavenly Naturals Headquarters. hehe We're both here in NM, so obviously shipping doesn't take long, but I didn't know it would be here the day after she shipped it! So, I was intending to do my review tomorrow night- with swatches. Lovely Zombies, you'll have to wait. I do however have a teaser picture.

It's unedited, so excuse the mess in the background! lolol

I decided on a whim this morning that I was sick and tired of the red hair and funky browish roots...So, I dyed it what the box described as "Medium Chestnut Brown." Ummm NO! Maybe the roots are, but the rest looks BLACK to me.. I feel all EMO. I'll have to see when it's dry and add some hotness eyeshadow. I'll post pics so you can all laugh at me.

But tonight, I have a date with World of Warcraft. My gnomey warlock can't level herself you know!

Sweet dreams everyone. < 3

Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting to know YOU!!

Hey Living Dead girls,

This entry is ALL about YOU!

In the last few days, thanks to the lovely and talented Evil Angel I've received quite a few hits on my blog, as well as some new Zombie Lovers. I'm amazed at how BIG the makeup/nail/cosmetic community is. Never did I realize that just by starting my little "I like this because I'm a makeup whore blog" would create a whole new world for me. It's so exciting! So, I want to get to know you all! I want to see what makes you tick, what ticks you off, etc. etc. So, if you'd please answer the questions below, I'd appreciate it! You all rock and (cheese alert) I thank you for being a "Zombie whore!" Said to the tune of the Golden Girls theme song.

1.) How'd you find Makeup Zombie? Feel free to include links to other blogs (I'm sharing the love!)

2.) Do you have a blog too? What's the link?

3.) Favorite brand (s) of makeup? Favorite colors?

4.) Favorite mascara? I really need to know cause I can't find a good one!

5.) One makeup product you recommend to everyone you can't live without?

6.) What's your every day makeup style?

7.) What is your biggest makeup pet peeve?

8.) What's a good moisturizer? I'm stumped on this one!

9.) Is there anything you'd like to see reviewed on the blog? Suggestions? Comments?

10.) Anything else you feel is necessary to share?

Have a beautiful day Zombies!

Just a random something to make you laugh..

Our naughty gingerbread woman?


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Concrete Minerals Contest Reminder

There is one week left to enter the Concrete Minerals contest/giveaway. What are you waiting for?! Get all the juicy details here.



Completely Unrelated to Makeup

My baby son Cooper who is 11 months old (I have 2 boys and a girl) ate his first banana this morning- mixed with some Lucky Charms. LOL And I just had to post these pictures of him. Isn't he a sweet little spawn of Zombie? I just want to squeeze him!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Etsy Spotlight: *Kukubee*

So tonight I went on Etsy and did a generic search for "Zombie." Now of course, a kazillion different things came up. Some good, some bad, some cute, and some were friggin ugly. BUT, then I saw the Kukubee store which has little zippered pouches for sale the coolest being the Zombie Panda pouch. OMG, I am SO saving up some money to buy this. I'm thinking this would be so neat to hold my mineral samples that come in ziplock baggies. Anyway- check it out, and check out the store too- there are a variety of different pouches!

Images Property of: Kukubee

So Zombie Lovers....What do YOU think?


Red and Black Look for the WIN!!!!

Hello Zombinites!

Happy Ass Saturday! <3

Wooot another makeup look! I adore adore ADORE this look. Heartless Queen from Evil Shades just rocks my SOCKS OFF! I love that it's basically matte with a little bit of shimmer. And the staying power, pigmentation, and color of this shadow, let's just say, I'm lemming for a full size as I just have a sample. (Which I'm hording.)

What I did:

UDPP entire lid (DUH!)
NYX Pots and Pans on entire lid- blended with clean finger
Orglamix Cherry Blossom all over lower lid
Evil Shades Heartless Queen on top of that- (made the red in Heartless Queen POP!)
Orglamix Brimstone in crease
Evil Shades Zombie over Brimstone (I'm a Zombie a Zombie Worllllld!)
Orglamix Moonstone as a highlight base and on lower lash line
Basic black pencil liner for water line and upper lash line

Rimmel Bordeaux
Evil Shades Guilty as Sin over Bordeaux

And here you have it folks: Black and Red my staple colors and fit me to a tee! I LOVE EVIL SHADES!

Kicked the contrast up to show off the pigmentation of Heartless Queen!

Lid only- loook at that RED:

(Listening to Super Sexy Swingin' Sounds- White Zombie)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Evil Shades Review and Swatches!

In the mail today was my Evil Shades order. I placed it..oh I'll say 3 days ago. I'm too lazy right now to figure out exactly when I placed the order- but I do know the shipping was incredibly fast. So, in your standard manila bubble mailer was a cool plastic goodie bag with my eyeshadow, lip gloss, and 3 sample pigments in little ziplock baggies ( Heartless Queen, Panic, and Double Barrel) inside. I also received a really neat purple heart shaped sucker and a couple business cards. This is the first order I've received WITH a business card and I thought that was a great way to promote the business.

Evil Shades is a small Indie website that I heard about while stalking the web for mineral eyeshadow. I was drawn to it because of the eyeshadow called "Zombie." So, OF COURSE, I had to try them out. I was excited enough to fire off a quick email to Andrea Miller the Owner of Evil Shades with a couple of questions. Her response was incredibly fast and informative. 100% satisfied with her customer service. The website is neat, but it was a little difficult for me to find exactly what I was looking for- i.e. Zombie by itself. Once I did find the separate eyeshadow listings it was smooth sailing. I found a listing to Create Your Own Mini Set which included 3 eyeshadow (3 grams of product in a 5 Gram jar, this allows enough room to avoid spillage.) and 1 lipgloss (but you can mix and match) for $8.00. $8.00!! I couldn't  pass that up. So, I ordered Zombie (no brainer- no pun intended), Coffin, Acolyte (Illusion Eyeshadow), and the lip gloss in Guilty as Sin.

Zombie: A soft marroon color with sparkle. A nice crease color.
Coffin: A coopery salmon color. I love this one!
Acolyte: An intense green with holographic sparkle- another very nice color.

Guilty As Sin: Soft Rose Colored gloss with sparkle. I'm on the fence about this.

The good:
  • The colors are all amazing. Andrea mixes her own shades and they are super pigmented. I adore sparkle and the shades are full of it! 
  • Shipping was quick and the extra goodies in the bag were a plus. 
  • I found the "Red" I've been searching for in Heartless Queen (free sample in ziplock) and will be purchasing a full size of that shade.
  • The names of the shades are listed on the bottom of each jar.
  • Andrea has her mission statement listed on the site: CLICK HERE!
  • She has a shade called ZOMBIE!  I'll work on her to change it to "Makeup Zombie." YEAH RIGHT! ;)

The bad:
  • The jars were not exactly what was pictured on the website. I guess I was expecting the strandard round jar with black or clear lid.
  • I'm really on the fence about the gloss. While it's a nice color and has a great smell- it feels a little slimy and  (for lack of a better word) gritty on my lips. I'm assuming I'm feeling the glitter. I'll have to play around with it a little more.
  • No invoice in the package- BUT that doesn't bother me because I prefer my invoices emailed to me. 
  • No sifters. I'm not a sifter gal, but some of you might be.

The Ugly:

  • I'm a little saddened by this. But as soon as I opened the first jar, it exploded all over me. Bits of pigment were stuck in the "teeth" of the lid so when I opened it, it went everywhere. Each jar was like that. I actually lost a bunch of product trying to get the lids open to review the shades. I might end up changing them to different jars. I had to end up blowing away the excess mineral on the edges of the jars before opening them. This also means I won't be storing them upside down like I do all my other minerals. At least the lid is clear so I can still see the color.

    Overall, I'm very happy with my order and I will be placing more orders in the future.  I really want the full size of Heartless Queen and Double Barrel, but I might have to order them in baggie form because of the spillage from the jars.

    Left to Right: Guilty As Sin, Coffin, Zombie, Acolyte

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    *Upcoming Events*

    In the upcoming weeks stay tuned for:

    Reviews of:  Aromaleigh Minerals, Evil Shades Minerals ( I found a color called "Zombie"!!), Heavenly Naturals (SUPER excited about this one)

    I'll be doing some "looks" with all my new stash as well as posting tons of swatches. It's gonna be busy busy here on the blog.  Is there anything else or anything specific you'd like to see?


    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    Concrete Minerals "Sexy Tart Collection"

    Yesterday arrived my second order from Concrete Minerals. (Gooooo Monday!) Luckily my friend Megan and I worked out a deali-o and I was able to get 5 new shadows from CM. Prude, Seance, Lovey Dovey, Unity, and Hearts. (Swatches will come later.) 3 of them are in the "Sexy Tart Collection." Man, am I ever glad I got these shadows. Concrete Minerals is rapidly becoming my favorite mineral company- the colors are vibrant and pigmented and so easy to blend. With a good primer they also last all day! I did a look for work today using just this collection which includes:

    Prude: A shimmery light pink color for the highlight.
    Lovey Dovery: A gold based pink color - used all over my lid
    Seance: Deep purple color with shimmer- great for the crease and outer "V".
    I also added a little Unity to deepen Lovey Dovey and put it on my lower lash line.

    Here is the final look. I'm super excited about this one!

    Yes Zombies.. 5 out of 5 Zombies HANDS DOWN!! Lovey Dovey is now one of my top 5 favorite eyeshadow!


    (Listening to "Heartbreak Warfare" by John Mayer.)

    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Saturday Etsy Spotlight! *Aereonyx Designs*

    As I was checking out my "followers" and fans on the Makeup Zombie Facebook page, I came across Aereonyx Designs- this Etsy shop is owned by Amanda Gilmore. Aside from being super friendly and a great follower of the blog, she is intensely creative and makes the most beautiful and delicate looking jewelry. I never expected to come across such a vast array of sites on Etsy with such unique talent. So as I come across them, I want to share them with the world. (Well, ok, the world is stretching it. I want to share it with all of my lovely Zombies!)

    Check out Amanda's Etsy store here: CLICK ME! and the Facebook Fanpage HERE!

    Here is the intro on the home page of her store. I love it!

    "This is the place where sparkles and stars are plucked from the sky and adorn delicate pretty decorations for your body. You'll find 100% handcrafted, unique, and simple jewelry for any occasion you can dream of. Only the finest Swarovski Crystals, Czech glass, and many different pearls are brought together to create these pieces."

    These are a few of my favorites on the site. Check it out and let me know what YOU think!

    Smoke And Mirrors Black Diamond Baroque Swarovski Crystal Necklace

    Smoke And Mirrors Oxidized Swarovski Crystal Earrings

    Victorian Filigree Garnet and Czech Glass Necklace

    Springtime Siesta Swarovski Crystallized Elements Earrings

    I think her jewelery is just gorgeous and matches her sparkling personality!

    !Spring in to April Contest! with Concrete Minerals *CLOSED*

    *CLOSED* Spring is here ladies and so is the fresh new Etsy based cosmetic company Concrete Minerals! In my honest opinion there is no time like the present for another contest/giveaway! The contest is easy:

    1. ) Become a fan of Concrete Minerals on the Facebook fan page here: FANPAGE! and tell her Makeup Zombie sent you!

    2.) List 3 of her eyeshadow that you think would be terrific for Spring. And HOW you'd use them on your eyes. You can either post your entry here (the blog) or on the Makeup Zombie fan page under the discussions tab here: CLICK ME!

    Extra entries (if you really wanna):

    1.) Make a purchase from CM here: CONCRETE MINERALS ON ETSY!

    2.) Post a picture of yourself on the Concrete Mineral FANPAGE! with your favorite CM shadow on your eyes. :)

    The contest runs from today Saturday March 20th, 2010 to Saturday April 3rd, 2010. That's 2 whole weeks to get your entries in.

    One lucky winner will be chosen by Emily from CM and announced Sunday April 4th! You will get to choose 3 Concrete Mineral eyeshadow of your choice!! (Colors below.) Emily will personally ship them to you.

    Good luck gorgeous Zombies!!


    Pink/ Chocolate Look

    NOT happy with my camera that decided to run out of batteries as I was taking these pics. So these are the best I got of the look. My friend Maria at work tells me what colors I should wear on my eyes every Friday- yesterday it was pink and brown. So I did a subtle look to throw her off. LOL


    NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk as base
    NYX Runway Collection pallet in "Champagne and Caviar." I used the soft pink and the darker brown from the pallet. Darker brown in crease
    Orglamix Roselle on top of the soft pink from NYX
    NYX Chrome pigment in Geisha (can I say..I'm actually really disappointed in this shadow. It wore off about an hour after I'd applied it, even with a primer and a base.)
    Black gel liner from Avon (don't recommend this either)
    Glitter liner in Midnight Cowboy from Urban Decay over black liner
    Rimmel Chocolate Shimmer and Paradise on lips

    Please excuse my lower lashes here. This was prior to me getting them sorted out. LOL

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    And the Winners ARE! (Luck of the Irish contest)

    I placed all of the entries into an Excel spread sheet and then found two numbers via an online number generator. The numbers were 4 and 10. The names with each # are:


    4: Melody Kelly-Woods (from Facebook entry)

    My Lucky Charms:

    1) hanging on my wall is the memory board I made for my Dad's service, It has become the place I stop to think about life, and when I am sad...

    2) My kids they are my life, even though they drive me nuts sometimes they can always cheer me up..... See More

    3) My semi hoop diamond earrings that my mom bought me about 5 years ago.

    10: Amanda Gilmore (from Blog entry)

    Three "Lucky" things for me?

    1. I have a twisted silver ring that my Mom made me, which I always wear. It seems to be my good luck charm- and when I forget to put it back on, things go a bit awry. Not disaster worthy- but just off enough to really get on my nerves!!

    2. My boyfriend- he's my best friend, soul mate, and kindred spirit. He protects my heart, as I do his. An off day is solved when I see that man smile at me- and I can't do anything but spread a goofy, wide, braces-filled grin right back at him.

    3. Makeup. Namely- Sparkly Eyeshadow, Red Lipstick, and an attitude that matches!! Smoky eyes are my fav, and nothing's sexier than a stop-you-in-your-tracks red lipstick. A day is great with all these things- only to be topped off with a great pair of heels for that last "Cherry on top" feeling!

    And number four... Even though you only said enter three... I have to say I find that each friend of mine is special in their own unique way. I wouldn't have such a great life if I didn't have my friends- I'm so very lucky to have them in my life.

    Congratulations my lovely Zombinites. You've each won 3 eyeshadow from Orlgamix of your choice! email me at with your address and your color selections. Cheri from Orglamix will then send you the goodies personally. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping (depending on where your name ends up in her queue.)

    Here are your options:

    Thank you everyone for participating in Makeup Zombie's very first giveaway/contest Luck of the Irish! Good luck in the future!!!

    The Makeup Zombie

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    NYX Haul and swatches!

    You will rarely see a haul post on my blog. I have a few reasons why not.

    1. I live on a tight budget. As of this month I am on a $15.00 a month spending limit. So I can't afford to do hauls very often.

    2. I don't want to brag about what I have- I just want to get the word out there when I love a product.

    3. It takes too damn long to post pictures and comments regarding the haul. LOL

    With that being said- I just received a package today from Last week they were having a 25% off entire site sale. You know..the ones you can't pass up no matter how hard you try? (Even with your husband in your ear telling you "Not to buy anything!" hahaha) There are some things I've been wanting to try from NYX and I thought that this was the time to get them, seeing as how I'll be on a minimal spending allowance each month. So, I decided to bite the bullet and get the 5 things I've been eyeing for a while now. (Almost a year!!) And I am SO happy that I did.

    I use my NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk daily. No matter the look, I use a primer with Milk over that, I then apply my shadow. This causes the shadow to last all day and with as much vibrancy (almost) as when I applied it in the morning. Because of this, I ordered 3 more pencils in Purple ( a GORGEOUS blue/purple color), Slate (a deep charcoal color), and Pots and Pans (silver.) I adore them all so far. So creamy and smooth when applied and last a LONG time. (Do make sure you use a primer under these pencils to prevent creasing.)

    I've also been eyeing the single eyeshadow Luxor for a long time now. A lot of reviews compare it to MAC's Star and Rockets (a bright pink color with a blue/purple base)- which I just love. And I am so impressed with this shadow. The texture is smooth and creamy and the color is just amazing. Why didn't I order this sooner!? I can't compare it to S&R because I don't actually own the shadow, but from swatching at the MAC counter, they are similar. Similar enough for me to only by Luxor from here on out.

    And last but not least. I purchased a new chrome eyeshadow called Geisha. NYX recently re-packaged the chrome eyeshadow and holy SHIT! is there a lot of product. And for $5.00 I was jumping for joy. The color is a nice rose color with gold reflects. I can't even believe how impressed I am with the color because I wasn't really expecting much. I am a mineral whore and so I really wanted to purchase it just to compare to some minerals in my collection. This blew some of those out of the water!! Pigmented and lovely. and of course. TONS of product. By far my favorite buy from NYX. A MUST HAVE PEOPLE!

    I give each of these products 5 out of 5 zombies and I will be loading up on some more of the chrome shadows.

    Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils retail for $3.50 on I got them on sale for $3.00.
    Chrome Eyeshadows retailf or $5.00 on
    Single Eyeshadows retail for $5.00 on I got Luxor on sale for $3.50
    And all of this was 25% off. I spent just under $20.00 for everything (INCLUDING SHIPPING)! Score!

    So I suggest you wait until the next sale and try on these products for size!


    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Mineral Eyeshadow ORGY!

    Just for fun, I thought I'd post this picture. This is my sea of minerals. Not all, but most. I think it's just a fun picture. Can you spot your favorite?

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Neutral St. Patty's Day Look

    I didn't want to go too crazy with this look, because on the day I did this, I wasn't feeling very dramatic. I just wanted a subtle touch of green. I call this my "Irish Eyes are Smiling" look. It's light and fresh and I love the POP of green on my lower lash line. I hope to do a more dramatic look for St. Patty's at some point.

    Products used:

    NYX Jumbo Pencil in "White" as my cream base.
    Earth Angel Minerals shadow in Top O the Mornin'- all over lid and on lower lash line
    Earth Angel Minerals shadow in Pot of Gold- in crease and outer "V"
    Orglamix shadow in Slate for highlight
    No eyeliner on top
    Urban Decay liner in Zero on bottom water line
    Avon Super Shock mascara in Black's as easy as that!

    Monday, March 8, 2010

    Concrete Minerals Review and SWATCHES!

    Wooooot! In the mail on Saturday was my wonderful package from Concrete Minerals. I was overly excited about this order, because I had by happenstance run across this store on Etsy. (I'm officially an Etsy junkie!) The colors of the shadow..the names...the super friendly customer service (Emily rocks my socks) and kick ass Etsy store, just had me in giddy school girl mode. Luckily the order took only 2 days to get to me!

    As I ripped open the neatly bubble envelope packaged "stuffs" like a little girl on Christmas morning, the first thing I noticed was that the shadows were wrapped in bright pink tissue paper. SCORE! I also received a personalized note card from Emily.

    Before I start on the "eyeshadow" let me just say: I was not paid for my review of this product. I was however sent two free eyeshadow to review. All of the following information is from my very own twisted mind and is my very own opinion. Woot!

    Let's begin-

    Also inside the package was my invoice, which I thought was a nice touch. I ordered Smut and Temptress at $5.99 each and to my surprise she included Mad Hatter (which is in the Alice in Wonderland Collection), and Strobelight. I was very excited about this, until I opened them, then I was ecstatic!

    Smut: This is going to be a cult classic in no time. I think it's already on it's way. In the jar Smut looks like a deep brownish/gray color. But once swatched it turns into a burnt purple color with gold and pink reflect. It's the most amazing color and hard to explain in words. Definitely one of the favorites in my current mineral collection.

    Temptress: A gorgeous Teal color with silver, gold, and pink shimmer (almost glitter.) Absolutely beautiful.

    Strobelight: Looks dark grey/blue in the jar but once on it's a perfect silver blue with silver sparkle. I really think Temptress and Strobelight would go well together.

    Mad Hatter: This color took me by surprise. It's dark and intense, but FULL of sparkle. Depends on which light you're in as to what the color is going to look like. To me it's a deep, burnt plum with silver and blue glitter. A great crease and.or liner color.

    Each shadow came in a 10 gr. jar with a sifter- but the product is packed in! The bottom of the jars have the logo for Concrete Minerals as well as the name of each shadow and the weight of the product. 1.5 grams.

    And as per the Etsy store:

    "Concrete Minerals products contain no nonsense, commonly referred to as: :: Parabens :: Fragrances :: Dyes :: Nano-particles :: Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc or other cheap fillers We ship all of our mineral eyeshadows in full 10-GRAM jars (never in 5-gram or even 3-gram jars) to ensure your beautiful product lasts and we NEVER-ever-ever repackage straight mica!"

    I give Concrete Minerals two thumbs way up and 5 out of 5 Zombies! I am drooling intensely over "Hearts" and can't wait to purchase it. I think the only con if there would be one- the colors are very bold and pigmented and a little messy. Use caution when opening the jars and applying the color.

    The pictures below don't do the colors justice, but I tried to represent them as best as I could. I swatched each color sans any type of primer or base. Look at that pigmentation!

    So stop by the Concrete Minerals store on Etsy and tell Emily that the Makeup Zombie sent you! It's well worth it!

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    Rock Band Look using Orglamix

    Last night my husband and 2 of our 3 kids went over to our best friends house to play a little Rock Band. (It wasn't really planned to play RB but 3 "Zombie" drinks in and that's how it ended up.) Anyway, I coherched my best friend Megan to become a victim..I mean "model" for a makeup look. Since she's a pretty neutral gal, I wanted to go bright with the shadow. And we're both in lust with Orglamix minerals, so I used ALL Orglamix products. Oh and, this was the very first time EVER that I've applied makeup to someone else. Not too shabby for my first try.

    First I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion to the entire lid, once set, I applied a white cream base. I then covered the entire lid in Slate. (One of my FAVORITE shades.) In the jar it is a Slate color, but in the light shifts to gold and pink. (Eyeshadow images property of: Orglamix Cosmetics with the exception of the final look photos.)


    I then added Neroli to the middle of the lid and blended. In real life, this shade is a lot more vibrant. Reminds me of Stars and Rockets by MAC.


    Because Megan doesn't really wear bold colors, I HAD to use Geranium in the inner corners.


    And finally, I added Brimstone to the crease and blended it all together, adding a little more Slate over the entire lid and as a highlight on the brow bone. Again this picture does not do Brimstone justice. There are great blue and silver reflects in it.


    Added a little black liner to the top and lower lash lines and the white cream eyeliner to the water line. I then added Neroli to the bottom lash line. A little mascara and BAM! Megan did look fantastic after all was said and done! If I do say so myself...BUT, she was an excellent victim...I mean sport..I mean model.

    Final look:

    And yes...we both still love Orglamix. Probably more than ever now! Thanks bro for letting me use your face!