Sunday, May 30, 2010

High Voltage Cosmetics Sale!

Right now, High Voltage Cosmetics is having a "Buy 2 products, Get 1 free" sale. The sale is running from today May 30th to June 6th. So RUN, don't walk, to the High Voltage Cosmetics website, now.

(Image Property of High Voltage Cosmetics)

Per the website:

"Buy Any 2 products and get 1 product free!
There is no limit.
Please include free items in merchant comments through paypal,thank you!"

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Etsy Spotlight: *Littlest Charm Factory*


A little while back, I saw a post on "A Day in the Life of a Dollface" in which said Dollface was promoting a fun new collection in her Etsy shop. This post was what made me decide today's Etsy Spotlight.  Today I'm featuring  Littlest Charm Factory!

I adore this shop- the rings, the necklaces, it's just FUN and takes me back to being a little girl. Who doesn't want to wear a cupcake charm around their neck and finger!? It's a fun way to relive the "innocent" days. And a lot of her jewlery is just so summery as well! I also like that the prices can't be beat and that everything is handmade.  I dare you NOT to run over to this shop and check out the adorable jewlery!

Per the store's intro page:

"These items are completely hand-made with special love and care.
No two are alike. They are NOT perfect.
They ARE, however, quirky & fun!"

Here are some of the adorable rings in the shop:

Argyle Skull Button Ring $7.00

Dollface Button Ring $7.00

Hot Pink Paisley Button Ring $7.00

Chocolate/Strawberry Swirl Cupcake Ring $6.50

Some necklaces:

Yummy Ice Cream Bar Necklace $11.00

Rainbow Dot Skull Button Pendant Necklace $11.50

And earrings: 

Chocolate/Vanilla Cake w/ Fruit Topping Earrings $8.00

Salmon Rose Cabochon Stud Earrings $5.00

(All above images Property of Littlest Charm Factory!)


Afternoon lovlies!

Just a quick post- I'm wanting to do a little something different this next week with my makeup, so I need an idea! I put a poll up on the left side of the blog with some options. Please vote!! I'll have the poll up until next Saturday! <3


Friday, May 28, 2010

*Friday, Friday... Funday!*

Morning Zombies!

I’m blogging from work, which isn’t a GREAT idea, but I wanted to post something before my usual evening posts. My husband has been having some issues as of late with me on the computer so much. *rolleyes* I never in a million years thought that my silly little blog idea would turn into what it has. I’ve met wonderful people in the blogging community, seen so many new and beautiful makeup looks, been introduced to nail polish in a way I never really thought about before and I’ve discovered fantastic Indie makeup companies. I’m so lucky to be apart of all of this and just wanted to thank you all for your support of the big MZ! :)

That being said, my posts may be a little sporadic for a while as I figure out how to better balance my blog (which is now a huge part of my life), my family, job, and marriage. I’ll fit everything in where it is suppose to be, obviously my family first.

Also, once I reach 100 followers, I will be hosting a fantastic giveaway as a thank you to all of you creepy Zombie lovers. So spread the word, I’m almost there! <3

Here’s mah face o’ tha day! Just a preview, I’ll have the full post tonight, but O.M.G I adore Fyrinnae’s “Wicked” and Evil Shades “Soul’s Torment” together! It’s a glitter bomb of purpley goodness. Throw a little High Voltage “Born to Rock” in the inner corners and nom, nom, nom.

I call this look:

“Born to Rock Your Wicked Soul!”

Crappy, unedited cell phone pics, for the win!
Happy Friday lovers!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

!My 100th Post! High Voltage Cosmetics Review and SWATCHES!

Good evening Zombies!

Ok...I just couldn't wait to do this review. I was going to take my time with swatches and create a remarkable write up, but this is too exciting to wait. Plus this is my 100th post, so even more cause to celebrate!

I recently befriended a person on Twitter called "MadeULookMakeup" and came to realize that she is the owner Jasmine of High Voltage Cosmetics.  Once I opened the High Voltage website, I knew this was going to be a fantastic new friendship. LOL  I browsed the site for a good hour, if not longer, trying to find 2 eyeshadow I couldn't live without.  (I'm on a pretty tight budget these days, so I could only get 2. And really at $3.50 each for a 5 gram jar (which was PACKED to the rim) I didn't feel guilty about spending the $7.00.)  Ok, I'll stop rambling.

I placed my order on 05/21/2010 and received it today 05/26/2010.  Because the 21st was a Friday, I believe this was extremely quick shipping!  I wasn't totally impressed with the mailer they came in, because it was torn on one side, but that's not HVC's fault, that's our lovely postal service! The 2 shadows were bubble wrapped very securley and that made me feel good. The best part is when I unwrapped and swatched. Holy mother of freaking ZOMBIES.....I could not believe my eyes. You know that feeling you get when you don't really know what to expect from something and it totally surpasses your expectations? This is is exactly what I felt when I swatched Midnight Desire and Born to Rock!

Midnight Desire is a lush royal purple with intense blue undertones. it is...omgfaintbeautiful!

Born to Rock is a gorgeous lavender color with lime green duocrome. OMG, this is amazing!

The shadows are so creamy and soft. Also very well blended. And as I said before, the jars were packed to the rim!

I swatched each color over Pixie Epoxy on the top of the swatch and dragged the swatch down over bare skin for comparison sake.

I am in total lust with High Voltage Cosmetics. Not only is the customer service to die for, the shadows are beautiful and unique. I have a couple already jotted down on my want list. I can not wait to try more of this terrific product.

I give High Voltage Cosmetics 5.5 out of 5 Zombies. Order now....! NOW! And tell her Zombie sent you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

! Kitschy Suburbia Giveaway !

Hey everyone,
Just a quick post to let you know that my best friend Megan is hosting a kick ass giveaway on her blog Kitschy Suburbia! Check it out HERE!

Tell her The Zombie sent you!


Monday, May 24, 2010

*I am SO Matte!*

Evening Zombies!

I recently received Fyrinnae's Nevermore in the mail (which is a fairly matte purple) and decided to give it a go. I failed to use it over Pixie Epoxy and it only lasted about 4 hours today. :( I will experiment more with this color because WoW, it's beautiful!

OOOOOOOoooooo Sparkles!

The Goods:

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Fyrinnae "Nevermore" all over lid
Fyrinnae "Glitterboi" over Nevermore and on lower lash line
Fyrinnae "Sorceress" to deepen crease
Fyrinnae "Marshmallow Puffs" for highlight
Loreal Carbon Black Felt Tip Liner
Urban Decay "Zero" in waterline
E.L.F Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

NYX Round Lipstick in B52

What do you think Zombies? What are your experiences with matte colors? What brands carry your favorite matte color?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

All Dolled Up! and ..Nowhere to Go.. LOTD

Good evening lovers!

Tonight, my husband is out, my kids are sleeping, and I'm alone with my makeup. What in the hell do you think I've been doing? I had one major Epic Pixie Epoxy fail and so, like in WoW when you die, I dust myself off, resurrected, and came back to try again! And I HAD to try my new lipstick Hero by NYX.

The look I was going for was a smokey purpley look, but it just didn't look right. So then I thought about the colors of the blog and just started applying shadow. And this my friends is what happened.

The Goods:

UDPP in Sin
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy- thin layer all over lid
Bright pink shade in 88 matte pallet top of lid under brow bone and swept down toward inner corner- leaving lid area above lashes free
Hi-Fi Cosmetics "Parental Advisory" over that pink
Fyrinnae "Digital Faerie" lower lid and 2nd half of lower lash line
Fyrinnae "Cupcake Sprinkles" inner corner and 1st half of lower lash line
Fyrianne "Forbidden Lover" in crease and outer V
Evil Shades "Heartless Queen" blended into Forbidden Lover
Fyrinnae "Marshmallow Puffs" highlight and under brow bone
Loreal Carbon Black Felt Tip Eyeliner
Urban Decay "Zero" in waterline
Urban Decay "Flipside" lower lash line
Maybelline Lash Blast Luxe mascara (the black one!)

Rimmel Blush in "Pink Rose"
Fryinnae Glow Blush in "Spellbound"

NYX "Hero"
Fyrinnae Lip Luster in "Puppy Love"

And in true Zombie form- I leave you with this!

Happy Satrurday!

Friday, May 21, 2010

EOTD- *Suprising and Interesting!*

 Hey lovers!

I only have one picture from the makeup I did today because though I was happy with colors, I really want to do this look over. I used Mephisto by Fyrinnae with Marshmallow Puffs and it turned BLUE! In the pot Mephisto looks almost dark plum with red flecks. I can see a definite blue undertone, but once applied it was  bright interesting blue. I am not sure I like this look..It turned out kind of red, white, and blue. Unintentional. Does anyone else have experience with Mephisto? Suggestions on what kind/color of base brings out the colors?

The goods:

UDPP- all over lid up to brow
Pixie Epoxy-thin layer all over lid allow to dry for maybe 20 seconds
Fyrinnae "Marshmallow Puffs" all over lid and inner corner
Fyrinnae "Mephisto" in crease and outer "V"- blended up 
Urban Decay "Last Call" above Mephisto and lower lash line
Fyrinnae "Rapunzel Had Extensions" as highlight and blended toward inner corner
Avon Super Shock Gel Liner Pencil in "Plumful" upper lash line
Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe mascara...the black one. LOL


Nina made me do it! *MZ Q & A!*

You KNOW you're just dying to know ALL about me, outside of my makeup obsession...*rolls eyes* Ready or not, here we go!

1.What shoe size are you?

8 (bigfoot) sometimes 8.5 depending on shoe.

2.Where do you work?

I am a billing specialist for Presbyterian Hospital. (I know you're jealous!)

3.Favorite piece of clothing you own :

My jeans, they are sooo comfy. I'm more a makeup gal than a clothing gal.

4.Your favorite blog?

Too many to chose from. I will say, that I ADORE the makeup blogging community!

5.Do you have any pets?

Nope, just 3 kids and a husband. Make that 4 kids!

6.How many siblings do you have?

I have 3 older brothers.

7.If you could live anywhere where would it be?

I would LOVE to live in Colorado somewhere. I love the mountains!

8.What were you doing before this?


9.Your favorite food?

Comfort food, Chinese, New Mexican, and Schlotzsky's. LOL

10.Do you have a middle name?

I DO! It's Diane.

11.Your favorite websites?

They are listed on my blog. I also love visiting YouTube and I play World of Warcraft. Not a website, but you know what I mean.

12.Who do you tag?

Anyone who wants to do this!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

NYX Lipstick Review and SWATCHES!

My BFF Megan and I have been on a makeup buying rampage the last few weeks. I'll order something and throw something in for her, and in return, she'll order something and throw something in for me. I think we're just about even and no money exchanged hands..Well, except what we spent on the makeup. LOL (Shh don't tell our husbands!)  Last week Megan placed a Cherry Culture order. She's been dying to try the Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils. (DUH!) So I had her grab me 5 Round Lipsticks ($1.99 each) and a liner. Can you believe ALL of that (my order) was under $12.00?!  This is why I ADORE Cherry Culture!

One thing I have learned about NYX is to NOT trust their swatches online. The 5 lipsticks I purchased looked totally different in person than they did online. Not to mention one of the lippies looks much prettier than it does in the tube. Go figure.. Ok, I'll quit rambling and get on with the goods!

I ordered (L to R):

Violet Ray, Hero, B52, Indian Pink, and Darling. I also ordered the Long Lip Pencil in Mauve.

All are swatched in this same order.

They are all very creamy and wearable. There is a slight scent to the lippies, but nothing inbearable. BUT! With Indian Pink, I did notice a weird plasticy taste once I put it on. I don't know if that will last, but that grossed me out just a little.

Also, as I said before, don't trust the swatches on the Cherry Culture website..and the tube for that matter on some of them. I purchased Hero because I believed it to be a shocking blue based red. I got the tube and was so disappointed, because if you look at the tube, it looks more brown based..But once swatched...there it was the RED I really wanted.

(Don't mind the crappy application..LOL)

These lippies wear quite nicely too. I wore the swatches for an hour before washing them off and I can still see the colors. So, this leads me to believe the last a long time!  I'm very happy with my little haul.

I give NYX Round Lipsticks 4.5 out of 5 Zombies!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost my Comments..And my MIND!

Well poop. I was messing around with my template, because the comment program I had installed on the blog was making me just a little crazy. So I decided to revert back to regular Blogger comments..and well..I lost ALL of my comments. I guess it's Spring cleaning? :( Anyway, I'm keeping the old Blogger comments template and I'm not ever messing with it again!  Plus I like seeing everyone's picture when they comment. I missed that!

So..note to self- don't mess around with the blog template at 10:00 PM when you're exhausted and should be in bed. Lesson learned!


Link Love! PartyTime!

Good evening Zombies!

I felt very compelled to give a shout out to Robyn with the blog Stay Beautiful!  Robyn has a newish blog on the block and this girl is GORGEOUS and can pull off Rocker Chick glam like no other. Today is also her 23rd birthday, so stop by and say Happy Birthday!

Also LOVE this girl Dominique's blog Mika chan ♥ sparkles! She comes up with amazing eyeshadow combinations!

Check out some mouth watering recipes and sparkly nail goodness at Megan's blog Kitschy Suburbia ( she's my BFF too!)

Get a little Rebellious with Julissa at Rebellious Makeup. This girl is amazing..and has the!

Zoffe at Zoffe's Makeup is looking HOT these days and doing tons of looks featuring MAC and Fyrinnae. I'm adoring her blog!

And because I've been eyeballing nail polish more and more these days, I ran across this blog SCRANGIE! I am sure some of you have seen this blog before. Could her nails be any more perfect?!

Happy reading Zombies!

Tarte on Hautelook!

Hey lovers!

Today on Hautelook  you can purchase Tarte (High Performance Naturals) cosmetics, anywhere from 57% to 67% off!  That's a steal! Here's a preview of one of the kits for sale:

Spring Solution Set

$26.00- regularly $79.00- that's 67% off!

My invitation link is CLICK ME!

Happy shopping!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Zombies! Tell me what you want!

Hello loves!

I've been MIA- did you notice?! I went to visit my Mom this past weekend. I will be updating the blog if not tonight, then for sure tomorrow.

I want to ask you, as my blog follower, what would you like to see from Makeup Zombie? Anything you'd like me to review i.e. makeup, companies, products, etc.? Any specific looks you'd like to see or colors you'd like to see? I'm trying to get ideas on how I can individualize my blog so it's not just the "same old makeup blog."  Ideas and suggestions are appreciated!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fyrinnae Swatches and my FOTD!

So Zombies, here it is! My recent Fryinnae haul with delicious swatches for you!

Per the website the colors are described as:

Darling Misfit: This is a deep magenta-pink with a contrasting aqua highlight.

Wicked: Deep, dark purple with turquoise shimmer. Not lip-safe.

Sorceress: Charcoal, nearly black shadow that with a shimmer that changes from a brilliant aqua to rose to lavender, depending on the light.

Kung Pao: Dark charcoal brown filled with copper highlights.

Nijiro: Ivory with rainbow sparkles.

Dokkalfar: (Dark Elves) Black filled with hues of pale green to golden-lime sparkle.

Avenging Salem: Opaque black filled with vibrant deep pink sparkle and shimmer.

Half Elf Hottie: Soft, gently shimmering gold with light purple highlights.

Puppy Love Lip Lustre:

Vibrant cool pink enhanced with tiny reflective sparkles, offering an almost "holographic" appearance. The sparkles are varying hues of blue, making this a multi-dimensional shade, but at different angles will appear pink or even orange and gold. Candied Kiwi Scented.

(Click images for larger picture!)

I also did a really simple eye this morning. I used my Urban Decay Book of Shadows. As you can see, I used Ecstasy (purple) on my bottom lash line for a POP of color. I also used my new Lorac lipstick in Tango. Does anyone else think Lorac lipsticks smell just like MAC's?

God evening Zombies! I'm off to....get off the internet. hehe

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fyrinnae....I lust thee!

Good evening Zombies!

All the drama around the mineral makeup company world is making my head hurt!

So, MY island in the stream is my 2nd Fyrinnae order, which arrived yesterday!  I can't tell you just how beautiful the shadow "Wicked" is! Nor can I describe "Darling Misfit" in an accurate manner- other than it being a shimmering magenta with ribbons of teal (depending on the light.) They are just too complex and gorgeous for words.  I also adore the subtle purple sparkle in the "Puppy Love" gloss. I will be swatching these colors soon, but I'm tired!

Thank you Fyrinnae for being drama free.. oh and vegan too! <3

Do any of you own these colors? Don't you LOVE them!?