Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aromaleigh Ciao Italia Swatches!!

Good evening my beautiful and talented readers. I hope you're all just as happy as I am that it's almost Friday. My hubs and I are going over to our best friends house on Saturday and I reallllly need a drink after this week!

So I received my samples (free for review) last week from Aromaleigh's newest and maybe last collection "Ciao Italia." With each swatch I was going "ohhh" "ahhh" "woooow" "pretty!" and it dawned on me that they won't be around long. SO bummed, because though I don't have much experience with Aromaleigh, this is BY FAR my favorite collection. The colors are so pigmented and soft and there is so much glitter and shimmer. I'm just in love!

So, without further ado: (Click for maximum goodness)

Top L to R:


Frutti di Bosco

My favorites in the group are: Frutti di Bosco (vivid purple with pink undertone), and Biscotti (Pink brown with multicolored sparkle)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OOO MY 150th post!

And it's gonna be booooring! I swatched and photographed my new samples of Aromaleigh's "Ciao Italia" collection the past two days, so it's taken away from blogging. Plus, my nose is still healing and while it doesn't hurt, there is a red ring around the stud and it looks tarded in pictures.

So... I wanted to make a quick posts letting you know some of the cool things coming up in the next few weeks:

  • Aromaleigh "Ciao Italia" swatches and review
  • Swatches of some new Hi-Fi goodies!
  • Indie company reviews and what I can get for $15.00 a month
  • More LOTD's including my new black "stud."
  • More Dark Faeries!
  • Drug store steals and deals
  • And whatever else may come up.
Got a suggestion or something you want me to review?!  Let me know. It has to be within my measly little monthly budget of $15.00 though. LOL!!  Oh and if you're an Indie makeup or bath/beauty company and would like me to review your product, please let me know. I love purchasing from small business! 

Now for a couple pics. This is the day after my piercing. The guy who pierced my nose must have had the magic touch, because it doesn't and I'm not just saying that. This was a freaking piece of cake.

This precious little piece of pie is my sweet little girl Leia.  I just love her face..I could kiss it OFF!

Take care my hawt Zombies! Until next time!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet as a Peach with Faerie Dust!

Good freaking evening Zombies!

Long time coming for another dark fae, huh? The life and times of a Zombie are busy!!

Anyway, this next look is steallar!  It comes to you from The Peach of Just Peachy!  Her look is simple, but the colors together look fantastic. I'm a big fan of black and purple together and I think she knocked this one out of the park. What a beautiful Dark Faerie!

So wtihout furthur ado:

Hi Everyone! I'm The Peach.  I am a new blogger and blog over at Just Peachy (  I was excited to try putting a Dark Faerie look together.  I was really wanting to go with a pink and black look, focusing on glowing skin.  Because when I think of a Faerie, I think of glowing skin.  This is how it came out.  Evil Shades Suffocation was the pink I chose for my eyes, but once it mixed with the black, it turned purple.  Still beautiful!  I do wish I would have winged the liner, but I was overall pleased with how my look turned out!  I had fun doing this.  My husband came in when I was getting close to being done and wondered what the heck I was up to.  He doesn't know I blog, so he thought I was just playing with my makeup :) 

I did it!!

I got my nose pierced today. Something I really needed to do for myself. I love it!!

And LOOK, no makeup!


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

**!If You Like Pina Colada!** LOTD!

Evening Zombettes!

I don't know what the title has to do with the eyes, other than I started singing that song around 11:00 am this morning and it's been stuck in my head all day.

"If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
If you're not into yoga, if you have half-a-brain.
If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape.
I'm the lady you've looked for, write to me, and escape."

Anyway, I did a bright colorful look today. I gained inspiration from a pair of earrings my homeskillet Bethany gave me. (You can see them in one of the pics.) I really liked the way this turned out. Bright, but not overbearing. :)

PS. For those of you who commented about a nose piercing. I've been thinking about it, and I'm almost pretty positive it's a GOOOOO!!!  hehehehe

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

**Lost in a Faerie (cue"The Cure") LOTD!!**

Good evening Zombies!

I hope you're all having a nice week so far. It's been extra hot here and all I've wanted to do in the evenings is lay on my couch and melt. haha. I'm also pretty sure I'm getting a cold, so I'm really trying to ward it off. Colds in summer are SUCKAGE!

I have all of my samples in a bin and this morning I decided I was just going to reach in and grab 3 to wear this morning. Ironically the three that I chose were in the Lost in Faerie collection by Aromaleigh. Elysia (a baby blue shadow with a gold undertone and sparkles), Liriope (a medium grape purple with pink and blue sparkles), and Meliora (a silver toned gray with blue sparkle) . I also used Tattoo Shop and Pink Flamingo from SudsNSass.

I really like the quality of Aromaleigh eyeshadows. It's a damn shame the store is closing. There is too much effing drama in the makeup community. Why can't we leave well enough alone and let people live their lives. UGH!  Oh well, here is my pretty sparkley look.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

!!*Weekend Milani Goodies*!!

Happy Saturday Zombies!
This past week was a freaking weird one and I'm glad it's almost over. Now I can move on to bigger and better things. The hubs and I had it out today ( not really fighting but talking) about my makeup. I have been spending too much lately, but I was beginning to try and hide my purchases. DUH! We have one bank account and no credit cards, of course he's going to see it. LOL  Anyway, we had a nice conversation and we BOTH agreed that I can spend $15.00 a month on makeup. I've agreed to this before, but some of the things he said today made me realize that my habit is while so much fun, expensive and I need to learn to spend wisely. So, I'll be doing a monthly "What I got for $15.00 this month" post each month. Should be yet another interesting journey for me. LOL

Anyway, all that aside, let's get to the good stuff. I went to CVS yesterday and found some real goodies. I've been hearing rave reviews about Milani's Mineral Blush. Especially the color Luminous, because it's a dupe of Nars Orgasm. Seeing as how I can not justify spending over $20.00 on a blush, I decided to check out Luminous. I like the packaging, but it's a bit deceiving. What looks to be an incredible amount of product is actually product on top, and mirror mini blush brush on bottom. But the color is beautiful and from swatching Orgasm the many times I have, they ARE similar. Of course Orgasm has more glitters, but I'm actually not a fan of that much glitter on the face, so this is nice. I'm really excited about this color as it's a great Summer color that can transition into Fall nicely. At my CVS this blush was $5.99.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

**!Martian Faerie Delights!**

Hello Zombies!

Excuse the absence of pretty things. I've been a little "off" this week and just haven't felt much like posting about makeup. But, I'm BACK and I feel revived and am so glad it's the weekend.

Tonight's dark faerie is Ms. Lorraine with Martian Delights. I think that this looks is beautiful. And check out her eyes! They are so striking!

Without further ado:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Morgana Minerals Kicking Ass and Taking Names Sale!

Right now and I mean, as we speak, Morgana Mineral's is having a HUGE 50% off eyeshadow sale. Your cart must reach $50.00 before the discount is to take place. Shipping is not included. That's like 10 full size shadows for $25.00 (roughly.) So go HERE now to take part of this sale, because it's not going to last long!!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Totally Unrelated to Makeup! A sad and tragic week in Albuquerque...

Good evening Zombies,

I don't feel like blogging about beauty tonight because I sit here in tears. Our community and state has been rocked to it's core this past week. I'm hoping by blogging about what's on my mind that it can help me feel better. I hope this not to be a depressing post, but a post to heighten awareness on two separate and totally unrelated issues- all leading to one final outcome.

On Monday of this week a lone gunman walked up to his ex-girlfriend and mother of his children while she took a break outside of her work and shot her point blank in the chest injuring her critically. He also shot the friend and coworker she was sitting with numerous times, killing her. He proceeded to shoot the window out of one side of the building and made his way down hallways, shooting while he walked,  killing 1 other person and then himself. He injured 4 others on his rampage. A total of 25 shot were fired, and he reloaded the gun before walking in the building. As of right now, they say this was a domestic abuse/custody battle over two five year old twin boys. This man was not the typical "monster killer" type. According to neighbors and former coworkers, he was a hard worker, he was two courses away from a Masters degree, a good father, and was always calm and quiet. The ex girlfriend (who survived luckily for her children) did speak with coworkers about being afraid of this man. But as of Monday, she apparently had not voiced this loud enough. As with millions of women not just in America, but everywhere, domestic violence is a real and dangerous thing and many women are afraid for their lives, they just don't know how to say it or who to tell. They are trapped or feel guilty, in love, obligated, manipulated, whatever the case, they fear for themselves. If you know someone who is in a violent relationship, PLEASE help this person, please talk with her (or him) about getting help, or seeking counseling. I've been in an abusive relationship and though dreadfully hard to get out of and move away from, I did succeed and my life is 100% better for doing so.

Now flash forward to today, 2 days after the terrible EmCore tragedy. While our community is catching it's breath from those events, we hear on the news this afternoon that a mother left her 2 year old daughter locked in a van for 2 1/2 hours while she and her 4 year old child went to a meeting inside a building. The baby was left in the car from 9:30 am to 12:15 pm. The van was not running and it was approaching 100+ degree weather. All the windows were up. This baby is now gone. forever. :( This story rips my heart completely out and I'm so very upset over this. There are just so many fucking things wrong with this that I don't even know where to begin. What would compel a mother to leave her CHILD, wait. rewind her BABY in a car for 2 minutes alone, let alone 2 hours in the scorching heat? I can't even get into what I'm really feeling about this, because I'd lose tons of readers. Let's just say if I had seen this women in the parking lot of that building, I would have been hauled off to jail. I am SO sick of people abusing children..and it's only getting worse. If you can not care for your child, seek help, drop them off a fucking police station. Do something!  But do not take the life of an innocent child!  I can plead, I know. I can cry, I know. I know it doesn't change anything that's happened, it doesn't magically "make" people better parents. All I can do is squeeze my children tight and hope I raise them to squeeze their children tight, with love.

I'm sorry if this post is down tonight. I am just sick over this whole week and I'm looking forward to the weekend already. Too bad I'm not expecting any fun packages with sparkley eyeshadow this week to lift my spirits. LOL!!

Those of your with a spouse, significant other, someone you love, go give that person a kiss and tell them you love them with all of your heart. Those with children do the same. Life is short people, let's live it as best as we can. Hold your loved ones tight because who knows what tomorrow may bring.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

!*Holo Snap!* Glitter Faerie Nails*!

Good evening Zombies!!

Ready for another installment of "Dark Faerie"...the series! ? I was so excited when I opened the email from my bestie Megan who of "Kitschy Suburbia" (lol I almost typed Kitschy Disturbia..) Her nails looked flipping amazing. She seems to be under the impression that I "forced" her to do this DF mani, but we ALL know she had a hard on for this one. It's very apparent in the pictures.

Without further ado:

Monday, July 12, 2010

And the Winners ARE?!

Hey Zombies!!

Are you excited to find out the winner of my 100 follower giveaway? I know I sure was this morning! I enlisted the help of my coworker Ms. Bethany to help me randomly choose a winner. I took all entries and wrote the names down on paper- extra entries for those who tweeted and blogged about the giveaway, cut the names into strips and had B choose two strips of paper. And the winners are????!!!!!

NOM NOM Entries!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

!Dark Dragon Nails! *DragonRhia*

Hi my Zombies!

I got this submission for dark faerie last week from  DragonRhia (aka Chris) from Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes with some kick ass dark faerie nails. I love seeing the way this theme can be incorporated into many different genres.

All rambling aside and on to the pics!!

"Hiya! My life's work is helping runaway and homeless youth in the states and one of my big hobbies is my nail blog: Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes.  And yes, I post pictures of my toes, cuz they're so damned cute!  I have had dragons, elves and faerie a part of my life since I was 11 and my Dad gave me his copy of 'The Hobbit' to read.  So, I grew up in the world of fantasy and never grew out of it ;)  It was fun to channel a dark faerie for this look....and it really felt like I did because even though I had an idea, it completely morphed itself differently when the lacquers came out and I began to apply." 

The Goods:

 "I think of dark faerie as 'good' Faerie with a gothic what manifested itself:  my base is a mixture of Sinful Colors Out of This World (because fairies are so beyond our measly three dimensional lives) and Orly Goth (natch).  Which meant that there looks like 'bald' spots in some light, but its an illusion (something else I think faerie does regularly).  But I didn't feel quite the twist is the Milani purple glitter stripe.  And there is no top coat because I didn't think a shiny finish was appropriate nor did I think a matte finish was....unfinished was most appropriate because lets face it...a wicked good faerie (or dark faerie) has better ways to spend her time than top coat her lacquer.  Muuuwaaawaawaawaaa!"

Thank you Chris so much for your submission. I love the look and purple and black go really well together. I also like the mirrored illusion you were able to achieve!  :)

If you'd like to participate in Dark Faerie, please email me at and I'll fill you in on the details.

Until next time Zombinites!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

OOoo Bright Saturdays, Lazy Days! LOTD

Good afternoon Zomblets!

I woke up this morning in a terrific mood. And I believe I reflected my mood in my makeup today. We're heading to my husband's folks house here in a bit so I thought I'd make a quick look for youse all!  I worked with Moi Minerals today and really liked the outcome.

Friday, July 9, 2010

!My Version of a Dark Faerie!


I've been getting so many great entries, that I really wanted to join in the fun! So below is my take on a Dark Faerie. I'm home today with a sick kiddo and have some uninterrupted time. I had a lot of fun with this!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Hand Washes the Other !Review!

*Disclaimer: I personally will no longer purchase from or support OHWTO due to the behavior of the company owner in the social media sphere.*

 Oooo Zombies this post makes me SO say the least.

Let me back up a little and do some rambling. When I started this makeup blog jazz, I always wondered what would happen if I got a product that I just hated. What would I do, say, blog about?! And instead of this happening, I've just discovered more and more wonderful products on my journey. Maybe it's that I know what to look for now, maybe it's the customer service. Whatever it is, I really am excited about all the products, be it makeup, bath and body, jewelry, etc. that I've found on this crazy world wide web.

So with that being said, I'd like to introduce you to my new best friends (sorry Megan!):

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

**NM SKY LOTD and my *GASP* Nails!**

Good evening Zombies!

Do you ever get in a rut and feel like you're doing the same old shit over and over and expecting different results? (I believe that is also the definition of crazy.) Last week was like that for me. I was so unhappy with my makeup at one point that I took it off after work in the car. That's like, totally unheard of for me. I feel like I was doing the same type of look over and over. Oh and I've decided (as much as I adore Fyrinnae) that Pixie Epoxy and I just are NOT friends. One day we get along smashing and the next day we're arguing over the "little things." Now before you get all "Well you just don't know how to use it," believe you me, I've done my research and I've watched an ass-ton of YouTube videos on the subject. But for some reason, I just can't make it work the way I'd like. And at the end of the day, I look like I smeared cake on my face and the icing was all that was left.

A few months (yes B, I know, MONTHS) ago a friend told me to look outside at the gorgeous NM sky at dusk. It was a mix of blues, purples, and greens. (We have the best sky around.) She told me to recreate that look on my eyes. It took me a LONG time, mainly because I was waiting on a key element to do this look.  (Enter Dragon's Wing)

Her reaction? "You should have used more blue." So yeah, again, Epic fail on my part. LMAO! 

But here it is non the less, because I'm pretty stoked at how it came out in the pics.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stay Dark my Beautiful Faerie! *Robyn*

Good evening Zombies!
I hope you all had a restful weekend? I did to an extent, but do you ever feel that you need a vacation because of your vacation?!

I've been stoked receiving all the entries for this dark faerie themed 'thing' I have going on here at the good old blog. It's neat and exciting to open up the attachments and see such creative and  beautiful talent. Now, when I opened the specific email from Robyn with Stay Beautiful, I was floored. Like, "I don't want to post this, she's too fuckin' hot and I'm jealous" floored. HAHA

Without further ado- here's the gorgeous Robyn!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Totally Unrelated to Makeup! My Hubs is a Stormtrooper!

Happy Sunday ladies!

I've decided later today I'm going to do my very own "dark faerie" look. Gotta join in the fun. If you want to be apart of this email me at and I'll give you specifics.

Anyway, I had a breakthrough this week with my husband. He actually asked me if I'd show him the blog. (I was floored!) He's normally not very interested in it. So, on Friday night, he spent an hour looking through the posts and reading the comments. He said he was impressed. But asked me two things:  Why don't I have anything about him on the blog and why haven't I posted pics of myself minus makeup. I realized, I hadn't really done either. So, here are both. LOL

My husband owns storm trooper armor. Yes, the real kind, not a costume you'd buy at Halloween. He had to actually piece it together himself, so he's really proud of it. As you can see below.

And here I am with NO makeup. I didn't say I was gonna post a bare faced pic now did I? Muahahaha. This is how I'd look if I really were a Zombie. Yikes. My poor family!

So what's everyone's plans for this evening? We're going to sit on our front "deck" and watch fireworks. NM is pretty dry and we have lots of firework restrictions, so we'll watch the big show and hopefully some jack arse won't burn down Albuquerque.


Friday, July 2, 2010

**! In the LIMELIGHT +20 !** LOTD

Good evening Zombies!

I'm not feeling too hot tonight. Not sure why, other than just having an exhausting week. I'm so glad it's the weekend and a LONG one at that! :)

Today's LOTD is brought to you by Fyrinnae and High Voltage Cosmetics. ("In the Limelight" is a custom shade Jasmine with HVC made for me. It's a gray green with gold flecks; for lack of a better description.) I really dug how this look came out.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Rebellious Dark Faerie! *Julissa!*

Hello lovely Zombinites! 

I made the executive decision last night that I was going to make the dark faerie theme here on the blog a weekly "thing." But because I've had so much interest, I think I'll just post them whenever the hell I feel like. Take for example tonight's post.  As some of you may already know Julissa from Rebellious Makeup, today was her first day on the cash regsister at her new job and she was a little on the nervous side. So, I thought I'd brighten her evening by posting her dark faerie entry. I f'ing LOVE this one. Check out the lips and the's beautiful.

"Hey guyz!  My name is Julissa (who-lee-sah), and I own Rebellious Makeup.  Which happens to be a blog, and the name of my 'company', because I'm original like that. And when I say 'company', I don't mean it.  I'm a freelance makeup artist (...Rebellious Makeup is my business name), I make things with duct tape and sell them on Etsy, and recently started a part time job at a beauty supply store.  OMG FUN? 
Ok, enough about me.  I'm not sure how "dark" this ended up bad. When I hear/see faerie I think of glitter.  Probably because of the pixie dust.  Wait.  Faerie dust?  Do faeries carry around dust?  Anyway, my intention was to make this an epic glitter bomb.  SNAP.  I think it ended up being a darkish, punky faerie that jumped right outta the 80s! Right? :)"

I love me a Zombie Chic!

Wheeee I received my order yesterday from High Voltage! I had ordered 2 custom shades, Zombie Chic being one of the colors. Just wanted to quickly share my LOTD. I paired Zombie Chic (which ia all over main lid) with Evil Shades Glooming in crease, Fyrinnae Delvian on lower lash line and added Evil Shades Stiletto lippie. Love the combo!

The pics aren't the best but you get an idea.

Happy Thursday loves!