Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Pierce or Not to Pierce.

THAT is the question!

Anyone who knows me personally knows I have a pretty addictive personality. (makeup, *cough cough*) I told myself after piercing my nose that THIS would be it. I don't need any more body modifications. (I don't have any tattoo's.) And that I was 30 years old and set for life...UNTIL, I saw this:

The Monroe piercing. Also know as the Madonna- depending on which side of the face you get it on.

My nose piercing is on the right side of my face, so I would be getting the "Monroe" and I think it would actually be the "Madonna" on the opposite side. I'd do a much smaller "ball" or stud than the two pictured. And on weekends, I would probably have a black stud. (That's how I roll.) And place a clear pastic retainer in the "hole" for work days, if they approve it.

My 31st birthday (*sigh*) is coming up October 29th, and the husband has already given his "OK." Grudgingly.

Before I do this however, I wanted some feedback from my lovely Zombies. I already know some of your opinions on the matter, but I'd really love to hear your experiecens, pros vs. cons, thoughts, etc.

Swatches are FUN! *NEUTRAL/ BLACK & WHITE!*

Hey Zombies!

Happy Sunday. My day is full of grochery shopping. When shopping for 5 people, (including a 16 month old who can pack food away) it's usually an all afternoon 'thing.' We try to only go once a week to avoid the chaos of the store. So what do we do, head to Wal-Mart AFTER lunch on a Sunday. Busiest time of the week.ever. We're glutton's for punishment. Why not leave the kids home with Daddy you ask?'s fun for ALL of us to be together on the weekly shopping extravaganza. FAMILY TIME PEOPLE! lol

Anyway, I am almost done swatching all of my minerals. I know to some of you my collection may not seem big, but to me (and my husband) it's pretty gigantic. I adore every single on of my minerals and have so much fun with them. I shutter to think what my collection will look like in another year.

The contenders today (in no particular order) swatched over Hi-Fi Shadow Fix:

High Voltage Cosmetics
Darling Girl Cosmetics
Evil Shades
Hi-Fi Cosmetics
My Pretty Zombie

Make sure you click images for maximum (in your face) goodness!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

**^Purple People Eater!^** Official LOTD!

Happy Saturday Zombies!

I was going to post this last night to go along with my purple swatches, but I got sidetracked. *winkwink* So, here it is today. I will say purple is officially my favorite eyeshadow color. And OMG, I have a new found love for Fyrinnae's "Princess of Darkness." What a unique shade. Check out my purple swatches HERE! I may not have a ton, but to me my collection is pretty kick ass and ever growing!

I had someone ask where I got my black nose stud. I purchased it from Shipping was SUPER fast!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Swatches are FUN! *PURPLE*

Good Friday evening my dear Zombies!

What is it about purple? I know a few people who confess that they have more purple in their makeup stash, nailpolish stash, clothing, etc. than any other color. There is something deliciously special about purple. It can have pink undertones, blue undertones, it can be sprinkled with glitter or vividly matte. Purple

Here I have swatched all 33 of my mineral purple shades. I have others, but they aren't in jar form, so I didn't bother. The more I swatched, the more I thought to myself, "DAMN, you really need to wear this one more often" or "oooo look at that glitter", etc.

The contenders this evening (in no particular order) swatched over Pixie Epoxy:

Fyrinnae ( I own a ton of Fyrinnae purples)
Concrete Minerals
Darling Girl Cosmetics
High Voltage Cosmetics
Hi-Fi Cosmetics
Evil Shades

Click images for maximum goodness!

Evil Shades is having a weekend sale RIGHT NOW! There is also a new Mythology Collection which was released today. RUN, DO NOT WALK to ES now and pick yours up today!

Purple People Eater

TGIF beautiful Zombies!

I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of today's LOTD. I combined some fantastic purples today. Too bad cell phone pics are crap. Tonight I will post the official LOTD as well as all of my 33 purple swatches!

Have a fantastic day lovers! Oh yeah, check out my new black stud. Haha!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pinup Look Challenge


Happy Thursday!

Just a reminder, if you'd like to submit a pinup look for this weeks challenge, they are due in by this evening at 12 am MST. I haven't had too much of a response this time around, so if I don't get many entries, I will run this challenge for another week.

Please email your entry to makeupzombie @

Have a beautiful day my lovers!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Swatches are FUN! *PINK AND RED*


Another swatch post. Below are my pink, red, and orange, shadows. As I was swatching, I realized that I don't give my pinkies enough love. I have some really NICE colors. Especially NYX: Sunny Day, Evil Shades: Living Dead, Panic, and Heartless Queen, Orglamix: Geranium, and Hi-Fi: Raid the King. I also LOVE High Voltage: Mr. Wrong.

The Contenders this evening (in no particular order) all swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy:

Hi-Fi Cosmetics
High Voltage Cosmetics
Evil Shades
My Pretty Zombie
Concrete Minerals

Good night my beautiful Zombies!

Green with Envy! EOTD**

Good evening Zombies!

Because of all those yummy green swatches from yesterday, I was inspired to do a green eye for work today. I really loved the way this looked. You really can't go wrong with green eyeshadow on green eyes!

Stay tuned, because tonight I'm swatching my pink and red shadows!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Swatches are FUN! *GREEN*

Swatches are fun, but swatching is NOT!

Tonight is a beautiful rainy night here in Albuquerque. It rained for a good hour earlier with TONS of lightning and thunder. My kids were troopers and actually slept through most of it! I wanted to stay offline as much as possible, so decided to do some swatching. I'll be swatching all my eyeshadows by color. YAY! I remember before starting my blog how I liked to Google certain shades before buying. I thought swatches were extremely helpful, so this is a 'sharing is caring' post.

So tonight I bring you my "green" swatches. This is mainly ONLY mineral eyeshadow. I didn't want to do through my palettes, cause, well...MEH. It became abundantly clear that I do not own enough green shades. I must fix that, and SOON! lol

The contenders this evening: (in no particular order)

Hi-Fi Cosmetics
Evil Shades
High Voltage Cosmetics
OrglamixMoi Minerals
Concrete Mineral

Click for larger image:

 I hope you're all having a fantastic evening. I'm off for a little R&R and then bed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Megan is almost OLD, LOTD!

Good evening Zombies..

Another Sunday here and gone. It's just not fair. Time is flying by. Today, my family and I are going to our best friend's Neil and Megan's house for a little birthday celebration for Megan (who turns the big ummm...30 tomorrow)- Some of you may also know her from her blog Kitschy Suburbia.  We have so much fun with our best friends, and the kids love to play (and fight) with each other. I've been on a blue/purple kick and really like the way this turned out. I really MUST do something with my disgusting eyebrows though.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Morbid Things That Cannot Lie EOTD! and Kindergarten!

Good evening Zombies!

I've been lacking motivation for blogging the last week. I think the heat is going to my head and making me grouchy. But, every now and again, I can feel or smell Fall in the air. I think the summertime blues will be a thing of the past very soon. I'm very much a FALL person!

I was stoked about my EOTD today. Hi-Fi Cosmetics eyeshadows are just brilliant. They are so blendable, and such beautiful pigmented colors, they also last all day. When I was done with this look, I kept checking it out in various mirrors. Vain much!?

Without further ado!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekly Makeup Challenge THEME: Pinup


Happy Thursday!

So today will begin the first MZ weekly makeup challenge.

And the theme: Pinup. Era doesn't matter. Can be full face shots, eyes only, makeup and clothes, or makeup and hair.

Please email me at with no more than 3 pictures of your look. This challenge will run for one week. Please email me your entry by Thursday August 26th. A post with the weeks looks will be posted that Friday.

Oh and please, do me a favor and pass the word around about the new challenges! <3

So get to work ladies! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Blah, blah, blah. Ever feel like...blah? I do tonight and my eyeshadow pretty much reflected that. I wanted to something bright, but with a dark kick at the same time.  I came up with this look. Still on the fence about it. But I know one thing for sure. I LOVE MITZI!  It's soo beautiful. You can't really see the holographic glitter in the pictures, but it's there and it's amazing.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

!^^My Pretty Zombie SWATCHES^^!

Happy Saturday Zombies!

My day was pretty mellow. I went to the Mall today to purchase clothes for my oldest son's first day of school. JCPenny's was having such a great sale that I picked up clothes for ALL of my kids under $100.00!! SCORE!  (And yes, I shop at JCPenny's..and what!?  haha)

Earlier this week I received a package from Andrea at My Pretty Zombie to review her new mineral eyeshadow. She's only just recently started selling them, so what better timing! I was so excited when I received my package as she'd filled it full of business cards from other Etsy sellers that seem right out my alley (not pictured in the picture below) and a fun goodie or two! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mika Chan Dark Sparkles!

Good evening Zombies!

It's FRIDAY! Woot woot!

This post is long coming. I've been deciding how to rework/revamp the Dark Faerie series and I've decided that I'll be doing weekly challenges! To bid farewell to the dark faerie's (for now...just you wait to see what's in store!) I've saved one of the best for last. Some of you may know Mika_Chan or Dominique from aijuswhanakno. The girl is beautiful and her style and makeup is gorgeous. I love looking at her blog, not only for pictures of her beautiful home, but because of her beautiful eyes. Her dark faerie interpertation is smokin' red hot!

Without furthur ado:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Year Ago I Was Saying Goodbye!

This post is totally unrelated to makeup.



It's been almost a year since you left.

It's been a year of ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, love and life, babies, toddlers, dirty faces, poopy diapers, silly giggles, pigtails, pink bows, and Kindergartner's. Not a single day has passed this entire year that you haven't crossed my mind at least once. Some days I reflect on the good times. Some days Ireflect on the arguments, the discussions, and the disagreements. Some days I reflect on the scenery and think you'd like the sunset or the color of the clouds at dusk. Some days I just simply miss you.

You told me the last time that I saw you to "Find Happiness." And I'm working on that Dad. I struggle within myself and falter, like most. I have issues to overcome and burdens to bear, but I will eventually come out of it all happy. I have a great family who make me whole. Who make me, ME.

My children are beautiful and artistic. Thank you for passing that down through the generations.

Leia still says "Grandma and Poppie." She misses you too, because you, me and her are all just alike. Triplet souls in a Scorpio world.

Dade is almost in Kindergarten. He's getting so big. And you'd be proud. He has his Momma's spirit, but also his Momma's stubbornness. Dade is going to be just fine in the big wide world.

Cooper..OH Cooper! He's a feisty one. He's a little ball of 15 month old slime and goo, smiles and drool, and has the best light in his eyes. He's full of life. He's full of love. He's a lot like you!

I think from time to time I can hear you laughing. Or I can hear you grumbling. Either way, I just hear YOU. And I miss YOU.

I will forever think of you, daily. I miss my Dad, but I thank you for making me who I am and leaving me with words of wisdom that helped me create a better place for myself in this world.

I love you Daddy!

See you on the other side.


Samuel Pilgreen: 11/07/1940 – 08/16/2009

So in love...until the end.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zombie Chic's Need LoveToo! LOTD!

Good evening Zombies!

I started the 30 Day Shred this evening. If you don't know what that is, it's a fitness DVD with the hard ass, hard bodied little Jillian Michaels. I will say it was not as hard as I was expecting, but it was NOT a piece of cake. My face was a glow with sweat as were my arms and legs. I had that fun knot in your tummy when you're on the brink of a puke, but not quite there. LOL  All in all though, I'm glad I started and I'm excited to continue.

All that aside. I created a really great look today. I took inspiration from Phyrra's recent awesome Shades of Green post. Though it's not exactly like it, I tied in a bit of the same colors.

Monday, August 9, 2010

!!!Makeup Zombie Mascot!!!

I am so excited about this, that I stayed up a little later than normal to make this post.

My wonderful husband created Makeup Zombie for me. (You can check out his Deviant Art page here!) She's beautiful, she's fierce, and she's a rockin' Zombie chick! You'll be seeing lots of her from here on out. AND if you're so inclined, check out the left of the blog or click HERE- you can now purchase your very own Makeup Zombie T-Shirt! Cool? I think SO!

I do have the most talented husband. Wouldn't you say so?

!~Smokey EOTD featuring Wet n Wild~!

Hey Zombies!!

Another Monday down the drain, thank goodness!  Today was a weird day at work. Strange vibes in the air. But hey, I made it through and that's what counts.

I did a smokey eye using Wet N Wild's "Lust" palette today. I really do like this palette and the more I use it, the more I adore it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Etsy Spotlight! *My Pretty Zombie*

Happy Sunday Zombies!

I'm up, the sun is shining, it's a new day...and, I'm BORED! My house is clean, the kids are napping, I don't want to play WoW, I don't want to do makeup, I don't want to do shit. And I kinda like it this way. I've been in a meloncholy mood all week, so today is my relax day.

Last night I ran across the coolest freaking store on Etsy! It's called, My Pretty Zombie. The reason I found it, is because I typed "zombie" into the category of Beauty and this shop came up. I contacted the seller, because she just recently started producing eyeshadow. Her store is more- well, Zombie Barbies! How fureaking awesome is THAT?! The seller (Andrea aka: MrsEvils) informed me that she just started selling her eyeshadow this last weekend. Talk about perfect timing for a spotlight, eh? I will be receiving some samples of the eyeshadow in the next week for review.

So, in the meantime, check out this amazing artist and her amazing store! (Be sure to click MORE for more pictures!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Question for My Loverly Readers

Happy Saturday my lovely readers. I have an Etsy spotlight lined up, but I'm waiting to get the OK from the seller for me to feature their shop. (Yes, I'm polite like that. HAHA!)

So, in the meantime, I wanted to get some feedback from you all. As some of you may be aware, an awesome nail blog called Polish Horders Disorder hosts weekly challenges in which she picks a theme and encourages her readers/followers to do a mani based on the theme.

I thought, OMG, how freaking fun would that be here at good old MZ, but with makeup! So, what I'm asking of you all- is that something you'd partake in? I'd ditch Dark Faerie and replace it the weekly challenges.  (I will of course still post the Dark Faerie looks that have already been submitted to me!) The themes will vary from extreme to colorful, girly to punk rock. I will also submit my own look each week as well.

Let me know by leaving a comment if you'd like to do something like that. :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hi-Fi Swatches and EOTD!


Happy freaking Friday, finally!  I have never been so excited to see a weekend as I am this weekend and we don't even have anything fun planned. It was just one of those really long and stressful weeks. I am excited though, my oldest kiddo is all registered for Kindergarten! *tear*

A while back, Hi-Fi Cosmetics was having an anniversary sale which was buy 5 eyeshadow, get 1 free. I couldn't pass that up, even though I got in ALOT of trouble with my husband. lol  I had also won a mini Facebook giveaway and got 1 free shadow!

What I purchased:
Millions of Peaches
Lost and Lonley
Between the Stars
So What
Suicide Trees
Spike the Punch
Morals in a Hole
Hell Frozen

And as my freebie:
Things That Cannot Speak

I was stoked for the most part with my order. Aphrodisiac and Things That Cannot Speak are so similar that I would have been better off purchasing another color. But, these things happen from time to time. As always, the eyeshadow was smooth and blend-able, and oh so pigmented with just the right amount of shimmer and/or sparkle.

My absolute favorites are: Spike the Punch, Lost and Lonley, Hell Frozen, and Morals in a Hole

Check out more for my EOTD!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

!Darling Girl EOTD!

Woah, 2 posts in one night?! Look out!

I was so stoked about my Darling Girl Cosmetics samples that I did a look today using them. My face looked as if I'd been run over by a bus, so I decided to just post my EOTD. You'll get the idea for sure. I really adore Darling Girl eyeshadow. The colors are so smooth and lasted all day!

The Goods:

UDPP all over lid
Hi-Fi Shadow Fix all over lid- let dry to tacky
Darling Girl "Electric Lady" all over lower lid
Darling Girl "Mojito" upper lid
Darling Girl "Exhale" mixed into both colors to create a light "violet" sheen.
Darling Girl "Incognito" blended into crease

*!Geek to Chic Dark Faerie!*

Good evening Zombies!

Yet another installment of Dark Faerie!!  I think I'm going to change this up and encourage some other type darker looks, such as "goth girl", "zombie", "vampire", etc. I think it will just be my "Darker Side of Life" series. If that interests you, send me an email at

This evening's Dark Faerie is Kate from Geek to Chic!  She used a different color approach to her take on dark faerie, which I really like. It's fiery and golden and compliments her beautiful brown eyes so well! 

So without further ado:

Hello Dolls! My name is Kate and I am a make up and gaming enthusiast. I am absolutely in love with the Dark Faerie series Wendi, The Make-Up Zombie is doing here and we have seen many talented make up enthusiasts and artists! I am honored to be featured on her blog!

Fire Spirit

Monday, August 2, 2010

Darling Girl Cosmetics Review and !SWATCHES!

Good evening Zombies!

I hope you're all doing well today. I had a nice weekend, but didn't have much motivation to post.. So now, I have a backlog of things I OMGWANTOSHOWYOUNOW!  I received in the mail today samples from Susan at Darling Girl Cosmetics (free for review purposes only) and I'm excited to introduce you to this new little gem of a company. It's not every day that I'm easily inspired and/or intrigued. Hell, sometimes it takes a lot to get me motivated. But when I swatched these colors, I just couldn't wait to show everyone. I'd about settled in a for a night of WoW!  Aren't you glad I didn't. hehe

I first heard of Darling Girl Cosmetics on Phyrra's blog and did like some of the purples I saw on the website. But seeing the colors in real life, they are vibrant and gorgeous, and just unique enough to leave me wanting more. The colors are smooth and not too glittery, but not dull. They are smooth and were easily swatched over NYX Jumbo pencil in "Milk", Each color has great pigmentation and staying power. The colors are really so unique that I can't stop staring at my hand, because I pick up hints of different colors in each shade each time I look at them. Gorgeous! 

I received: (by choice of Susan. Descriptions are from the website.)

"Incognito": Beautiful deep magenta with metallic shimmer.
"Electric Lady": Velvety lavender with a slight silver sheen
"Mojito": Silky teal on the blue side with a silver shimmer and a satin pearl finish.
"Exhale": Looks lavender/pink in the jar but when applied it is a faint pink with strong blue/violet sheen (LOVELOVELOVE!)
"Masquerade": Plum taupe with golden sheen and gleaming turquoise shimmer (BEAUTIFUL!)

Blush in "Bliss": Gorgeous vibrant pink warmed just slightly with a golden halo. (LOVELOVELOVE!)

Three convenient sizes: (as per the website)
Full size♥ 5 gram jar with approximately ¾ of a tsp of product. $4.00
Petit ♥ 5 gram jar with approximately ¼ tsp. of product. $2.00
Sample ♥ Zip lock baggie with approximately 1/8 of a tsp of product.
  Samples are .60!! How right on is that?!

Make sure you check out this amazing little company and tell her Makeup Zombie sent you!

I give Darling Girl Cosmetics 5 out of 5 Zombies!