Thursday, January 13, 2011

Battle of the "mauve-berry" lippies!

Hey Zombies..

I like my new word "mauve-berry." It kills two birds with one stone. lol  Some of you may know that my ALL TIME favorite lipstick is Rimmel's "Just So" a gorgeous medium pink toned berry. It's a creme, with very little shimmer. (I have 2 backups. haha)  I noticed today that I had a few colors that looked similar (which is a good thing for me!) so I thought I'd swatch them and compare.

Check it out!

As you can see, NYX Doll and Wet N' Wild shade 906D are the most similar of the 3 shades, both being just a bit darker than Just So. Doll had the most intensity and lasted the longest on my hand. One swipe and this baby was opaque. 906D was a little dry during application but still awesome pigmentation and my Just So took 2 swipes to get it to maximum velocity and it also doesn't stick around all that long. All three of these lippies can be found in the drugstore or for very little money online, so it won't break the bank. And, each a great alternative if you can't find the others. So, if you're into "mavue-berry" like me, these three lipsticks will rock your socks off.

The hubs and I were in the grochey store last night and he says to me "Look, it's a can of crushed pineapple." I look at him like "And?" And then it hits me... it really is a can of "crushed" pineapple. Get it, get it?! We really have too much time on our hands.