Friday, February 25, 2011

Completely unrelated to makeup! My daughter.

Good morning Zombies!

Have you ever had that "de ja vous" moment when looking at someone who looks just like you, acts like you, loves the things you love, even scolds her brothers like you do? I had that yesterday when glancing at my daughter in the back seat of my soccer Mom mini-van. This little girl IS me. All the good and ALL the bad. And she's really the love of my life. YES, I love my boys of course, but my bond is special with Leia and I hope to develop it and keep us close for the rest of her life.

She truly is my Princess Leia.

Happy Friday. More to come today!


  1. what a cutey! i have a princess leia too, but she's the 4-legged beagle variety! =)

  2. She's so cute!!
    (And she has perfect bone structure :3)

  3. awww she's adorable! she looks so witty. :3

  4. Your babies never fail to make me squee! She's looks so cheeky :D

  5. Your kids are so gorgeous ! Brooding over a little girl now :)

  6. such a gorgeous little girl, this post made me misty eyed as I just had a little girl 3 weeks ago and look forward to seeing bits of me in her in the years to come. Thanks for sharing!


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