Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Purple Lips? I haz them!


I don't have anything witty tonight, other than I LOVE Drakon (Medium blue green with gold, green and pink shimmer and a wine base that flashes through) by Evil Shades and I love having a purple lipstick called Shifting Violet (bright purple with a red undertone and a shifting sheen of blue-green to silver) by Morgana Cryptoria!

(descriptions taken from Evil Shades and Morgana Cryptoria websites)

Lamp light

Natural Light

The Goods:

UDPP in Sin all over lid
NYX Jumbo pencil in "Milk" blended into lid
Evil Shades "Drakon" main lid and into lower lash line
Evil CShades "Cheshire" blended above and into crease
Evil Shades "Nixies" patted onto lower portion of main lid and into lower lash line
MAC "Shroom" highlight and inner corner
Urban Decay "Perversion" as upper and lower liner

Evil Shades "Gossmar" blush
Bokeh Face "Lotus" blush

Morgana Cryptoria "Shifting Violet" lipstick


  1. I love this look in natural light the best. And your eyes look great here.

  2. Love the eye and lip combo! It looks great together.

  3. Purple lips are like... the best think ever, right next to Pokemon and Pocky...

    I just noticed that all those things start with P! I feel like I'm on to something, but I'm not sure what. =D

  4. *thing

    I meant to say best thing. Sorry. xP

  5. I can haz purpul lipz too? You look so dang purty! I love the eye look, it makes your eyes really intense.

  6. The combination of the lips and eyes is stunning! :D

  7. thats is just gorgeous! I have Drakon myself, and havent had the time to use it yet. i see i have to MAKE time :)

    I seriously need to get me some morgana cryptoria....preferably a green lipstick for my medus costume :)

  8. Beautiful look! You rock the purples! Love the blush!

  9. Love the double purple secsayness on you! Melissa must have mad that awesome lippie just to go with Drakon! lol

  10. I am head over heels for that lip color... o3o



  11. You look great! I looove that lippie!


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