Thursday, May 5, 2011

The 7 Deadly Sins...Greed and Charity!

Good afternoon Zombies!

And yet another installment of "7 Deadly Sins" is upon us! (Small change, this feature will now run on Thursdays.) And this one was a little difficult for me.


When I think of Charity, I think of selflessly giving to those in need. Not just monetarily, but emotionally and physically. But then I got to thinking, HOW would I portray that on my face. Draw some $$ signs on my cheeks?! NO! Make myself an angel?! NO NO! So, instead, I went to Google and found this:

Definition of "Charity"
  • a kindly and lenient attitude toward people
  • an activity or gift that benefits the public at large 
Which lead to this:

As a beauty blogger, I feel I am actually practicing the above two actions daily. 

I also decided to go with a smokey green and gold look, because green and gold is associated with paper and gold currency. I added some silver sparkle to represent silver.



Low light

The Goods:

UDPP in Sin
pop Glitter Stix crayon in "Sage" as base (sage green with silver sparkles)
Persephone Minerals "No Tip, No Strip" main lid and inner corner
BftE "Emerald City" layered over NTNS and swept into lower lash line
Brazen Cosmetics "Jaded" blended into crease
Persephone Minerals "Sailor Venus" blended above crease
Evil Shades "Devil's Bonfire" blended into crease and swept onto lower lash line
BftE "Bubbly" as highlight
Random liners and mascara

MAC Mineralized blush "Gentle"

MAC "O" mixed with MAC "Viva Glam IV"

I noticed AFTER the fact that the colors are the exact colors in my eyes. Happy accidents!

Wanna see Charity's polar opposite "Greed?" You'll have to check out Snarky P's interpertation by clicking the image below!


  1. Beautiful combination of colors!

  2. That make up is amazing! Love the colours!

  3. Well, you look pretty everyday, but especially today. LOL.

  4. You look beautiful--great smile. Also green and metallics really work for you.

  5. Wow! Love the lip combo on you. Beautiful FOTD.

  6. With the red and blonde hair....
    AND the combo of colors on your eyes- this is simply in a word: STUNNING!

  7. That eyeshadow IS stunning! I love the gold in there- I think the whole thing looks quite a bit like "charity." And as if I needed a reason to go ahead and but MAC's "Gentle"... well, here it is, lol. I've been eyballing it for a while, but now I'm sure it will be lovely!

  8. Ohh I love this! That green is gorgeous! I liked the greed version fun that you guys are going to be doing looks together!

  9. Your blending is awesome!!!

  10. I love how you interpreted Charity for this look, girl!! So sweet <3 Plus, O is one of my all-time favs from MAC, I can't not have it in my makeup case ;)

  11. Ah! I am loving all the looks that are coming out of the collaboration! You two are fantastic!

  12. You look gorgeous and I love the eye makeup in this. Can we ask for a Greed tutorial? :D

  13. Haha I thought they were both interpretations of Greed! In any case, my comments applied to both greed AND charity. :D

  14. Very pretty! And you look very sweet and charitable :D

  15. I love that eye makeup so hard.

  16. This absolutely pretty ! Nice combo .

  17. your eyes are gorgeous!!! great makeup!!! im your new follower :) i'd love if you follow back

  18. are some of the most amazing women! Thank you for all your comments. :D

  19. I love this eye look. I think I will borrow it this weekend :)

  20. Love the eyeshadow colours you picked, they go really well together!

  21. MUZ: Excellent series...I got to you via phyrra to snarky princess. Excuse the age bias, but are you aware that Poppy King, the Lipstick Queen, had a series of L/Ss, I think during the 80s, by the same name? They still hold up, and Anger, Lust, Avarice and Ambition still go on well. In the Virtues range, Fortune, a blackened pucey brown was envied by all, and I bought it for all until it was discontinued. I LOVED YOUR SLOTH! Keep it up, and do some Roots make up someday, e.g. Clara Bow look, Evita look, Rosie the Riveter, etc. Nice work and great blog. Thanks.


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