Sunday, May 15, 2011

Born Pretty Store- a review!

Happy ass Sunday Zombies!

So, to follow with my theme of nail Sunday, I decided to do a review of some products that I was recently given the opportunity to try out from Born Pretty Store. I was sent this 12 piece stamping plate set and a set of eyelashes that actually came with glue!

I have just a few Konad plates, and honestly, for the price ($12.63), I think these are much more of a bargain! And there are so many images to choose from. I was looking and it seems that shipping is pretty reasonably priced as well, considering these are shipping from Hong Kong. I think the package only took about 10 days get to me.

The plates come individually packaged and each have a sheath of plastic over each plate, to prevent scratching.The set also came with a stamper and a scraper, which I forgot to add to the pictures! DOH!

I have used a few of the images, but I haven't taken pictures, because I think I am stamping dumb. I can never seem to get a color that will transfer the image just right to my nail. They DO work, and they are fun, but I can't seem to make them work. I will continue to master this art though, because I am dying to use some of these images!

As for the eyelashes, WOWZA'S! Check out these bad boys! And 10 pairs for $4.18 WITH glue! Score.

The glue was a little hard to work with. I wanna say "runny" but once it was dried, the eyelash adhered pretty well. You WILL need to trim the eyelashes to fit your lash line.

I think it's really worth while to pick up a plate set, if you don't want to shell out the cash on Konad plates. These are a great alternative and have more images to choose from!

*All the products above were sent to me for review purposes only. Opinions are my own and honest.*



  1. Can't wait to see the nail art you come up with!

  2. I wanna see the plates used. I still confused on those

  3. Ugh, I can't ever make nail stamping work either. Maybe I'm not using the right polish to stamp with, but I see other people do it with all kinds of polish. I'm not very patient so I've given up on stamping for now. :(

  4. Wow...those lashes are way cool. I wish I could put them on myself easier lol. Looking forward to seeing what you create with everything!

  5. I like stamping but have big nails so I find the all over patterns don't cover my whole nail but love the tip patterns. I did find using konad polish easier to use with stamping plates. You can get the polish and plates for quiet cheap on ebay.

    Also throw out every eyelash glue you have and buy a tube of Duo. You will not be dissapointed!
    I always thought that fake lashes were a bit annoying and hard to put on, they aren't it's just no glue is as good as Duo and it makes them stay on :)


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