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!Make Up For Ever! Aqua Liner vs. Aqua Eyes a Comparison!


I hope you're all having a nice Saturday?  Mine has been......productive.

My baby son (who's 2) is now asleep in his "big boy bed." Which means, no more cribs in my household! My husband and I woke up with the cleaning bug and have been at it all morning. He's even going to hang a shelf for me, so my baby son (mentioned above) won't keep destroying my makeup. I'm also starting to feel less dead. All and all, a good start to our 3 day weekend. Ok, the Robitussin I took is making me ramble, so let's move this along!

Eyeliner, liquid to gel, pencil to felt tip is becoming more and more popular these days. And you're not just limited to black, brown, and navy anymore. A plethora of colors are gracing the makeup community. Today, I'll be reviewing two totally different eyeliners from the same company Make Up For Ever.

#1 – Diamond Gold
#3 – Iridescent Emerald Green
#4 – Diamond Lagoon Green
#5 – Diamond Turquoise Blue
#6 – Iridescent Navy Blue
#7 – Diamond Black Purple
#8 – Iridescent Electric Purple
#9 – Iridescent Fuchsia
#10 – Iridescent Red
#11 – Diamond Burgundy
#12 – Mat Mocha
#13 – Mat Black
#14 – Diamond Multicolor Black
#15 – Iridescent Anthracite
#16 – Diamond White

I received two of the brand new "Aqua Liners" and a core line "Aqua Eyes" liner for comparison from Makeup Up For Ever.

11L- Purple

The Aqua Eyes liner is .04 ounces in pencil form. And comes in 25 different colors. Each liner is $17.00 (USD)

Per the MUFE website:

"Aqua Eyes is a waterproof liner pencil. Highly pigmented, its unique formula adheres to the eyelids and doesn't run or fade even under the most extreme conditions. Its fluid, creamy texture glides onto the skin and doesn't irritate the eye contour"

9 - Iridescent Fuchsia

5 - Diamond Turquoise Blue

The Aqua Liners come in 0.058 fl. ounces and come in 15 different shades- ranging from matte, diamond, and iridescent finishes.  Each liner is $23.00 (USD)

Per the MUFE website:

"Aqua Liner is a high precision waterproof liquid eyeliner. Rich in pigments and polymers, its formula guarantees intense color and an outstanding waterproof result. Its ergonomic applicator lets you easily apply an ultra precise line to create an eyeliner makeup look. Aqua liner is available in a wide range of vibrant shades with matte, iridescent and diamond finishes. Easily remove with waterproof makeup remover."

My thoughts?

The Aqua liners ROCK! I love the colors I chose. They are both so vibrant and fresh.  Iridescent Fuchsia is just that, a lovely, shimmery Fuchsia shade. And Diamond Turquoise Blue has the diamond finish which looks to me, means that it has tons of silver glitter throughout the base. Both so lovely and fun!

As for staying power, YES. Period. These babies do last, a little too well. They are waterproof, so do not budge in water or by using just soap and water to remove. You really WILL need a makeup remover to get them off. Diamond Turquoise Blue does actually stain a little as well, so beware. I also love the brushes on these liners. I find it very easy to apply the product with this type of brush. I personally DON'T have $23.00 to dish out on a single eyeliner, BUT, I think it's worth the price in lasting power alone. It also doesn't take much product to apply an opaque line. Though, for $23.00, I think theses liners should be more product and less packaging.

I really like the Aqua Eyes liner as well. It reminds me a lot of Milani's LIQUIF'EYE in terms of it's creamy consistency. It stays on a lot longer than Milani's however. But honestly, I wouldn't spend $17.00 on this eyeliner when it really IS similar to Milani's at a fraction of a cost. MUFE does offer more colors though. So, it would be personal preference.

Overall, I think these are great products from a great company. And, of the two lines, I'd choose the Aqua Liner, because of all the colors to choose from and the staying power. These eyeliners are my first MUFE products, and I am impressed. I like that the Aqua Liner line has several colors to choose from for any taste. I want to get my hands on the regular black liner. And I'm also lusting after some MUFE eyeshadow!

Make Up For Ever can be purchased at Sephora.

Check out this awesome face chart which shows you how to get the perfect cat eye look. Just in time for summer!

Do you own any of these eyeliners? What are your thoughts?

*the above products were sent to me by MUFE for review and consideration purposes only. Opinions are my own and honest.*


  1. Sweet! I just bought my first Aqua Liner today, 01 whateverthegoldoneis :) I swatched 4 of them on my hand and they're STILL THERE! Magical I say. At first glance it looked like Iridescent Fuchia was "Iridescent F*ckers" teehee bad me and my bad mind.
    Also the lil bugger made me dish out $30. I love Canadian prices...

  2. I am in love with their Aqua Liners! These make me so giddy! Glad to see your swatches.

  3. I love the fuchsia liner! $23 is a little too much, though. Maybe for Christmas?

  4. *sigh* Why you so a'spensive, awesome eyeliners? I want you all so badly...

    In other news, I would totally buy an eyeliner called "Iridescent F*ckers". That comment totally made my day.

  5. I've been drooling over these ever since I saw them on Temptalia!!!
    I'm OBSESSED with #10 and #11!! Can't wait to try these out!

  6. I lahhhhhhve the Turquoise one! Such a bright clear colour.

  7. The fuschia one looks so kickass! :D

  8. I don't own any MUFE eyeliners but now I'd really like to try the liquid ones cause I love liquid eyeliners :P Unfortunately MUFE is rare to come by in the US and even more pricey over here :(

  9. Great post, those colours are great.

  10. I've never been too fond of Make-up Forever. A few years ago, I bought some of their products and I felt I paid way too much for an OK quality product. I'm not sure if they've changed over time. That was the last time I bought their products. I do love their face charts though. They do a great job with those looks.

  11. Really like the pink one, can't wait to see what look you do with it!

  12. These look so awesome! I've been lusting after those aqua liners!

  13. I love the fuchsia one!! :D

  14. I honestly don't know if fushcia eyeliner is a good idea. I guess I just can't imagine it looking pretty on anyone, regardless of personal style or eye color. The aqua on the other hand, is really pretty in a mermaid kind of way. And I like all of Make Up For Ever's eye makeup in terms of quality.

  15. I am seriously buying all of these liners. I have had them in my sights for awhile but they didn't have any at the Sephora I was last at!! I am glad to hear that they are awesome, because I love felt tip liners and have been looking for some higher end ones!


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