Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Milani LIQUIF'EYE Automatic Liquid Eye Liner Review

Good evening Zombies!

I am excited about this post. I was recently given the opportunity to try out Milani's new LIQUIF'EYE Automatic Liquid Eye Liner in "Purple."

I really love this pencil. It's a black base with tons of purple glitter. Very flashy. In the tube it doesn't look all that special, so I wasn't super excited about it, until I swatched it! Now when I saw purple, I was expecting PURPLE. But the blackened base makes it unique or may disappoint if you were expecting purple.

Unlike it's counterpart the Metallic LIQUIF'EYE eyeliner this pencil does not need sharpening. I have mixed feelings about this, because I personally like that I can sharpen my eyeliners to a fine point to make for easier application.


Another happy fun time thing about this pencil is this bad boy DOES NOT smudge. I gave my son a bath tonight, with the swatch on my hand and it still looks like I just applied it. Also, I've swiped my finger over the heart at least 4 times and an hour after application and it does not budge. So that alone is worth the $7.99 you'd pay for this item. I am not sure if this product is yet available in drugstores, but you can purchase them on the Milani website for $7.99 or Cherry Culture for $5.49.

As you can see below..there are tons of purple sparkle goodness. But it's not a pure purple base. I've now had this on my eyes for 2 hours and I have not had any running or itching.

While I like this pencil and would love to try the blue one, I think I'll continue to use my Metallic pencil for more precise sharpening. But I do have some fun ideas for this pencil!

Have you tried the new LIQUIF'EYE Automatic Liquid Eye Liner?

(The product above was sent to me for consideration from Milani. Opinions are my own and honest. suckit.)


  1. I've seen these a few times on other girls blogs and they look amazing. The no smudge this is like...omg. I want. You know? Haha

  2. I can't believe I haven't tried any on Milani's eyeliners yet. I think I would prefer the pencil too, but I love the sparklies in this one. And I'm so jealous of your eyeliner applying abilities!

  3. That looks really pretty! And I kind of like that it's not a straight-up purple. How is the propellyness of the pencil? I seem to remember the old ones getting stuck or some such.


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