Sunday, May 8, 2011

*My Nail Polish Stizash!!*

Happy ass Sunday Zombies!

Today, I decided to throw all seriousness aside and post some fun. What's more fun than nail polish?! I wanted to show off my little nail polish display. I had them in little bins, but my baby son kept sneaking into the closet like a ninja and stealing bottles.. I'd find them in the most interesting of places. (I'm still missing my pink ChG CRACKLE COOPER!) So, I came up with a makeshift shelving unit until the husband can set me up real shelves. she blows.

Ohh my preccccious! 

Keep them secret...keep them safe.

All of my top coats, glitters, crackles, etc.

And there you have it. My little nail polish collection. I love of them!

I'd love to see your nail polish collection! TAG, you're it!


  1. You are soo much more organized than I am! I have everything nail related in a huge USPS box! I think I'll have to post my stash though, it was fun seeing yours!

  2. So funny you posted this, I have a post of my polish collection scheduled for tomorrow or Tuesday! I can't remember. So many pretty colors! Too funny that your so has packed off with some of them! You better find that pink crackle!

  3. Love it. ;) you are coming along to the darkside! Mwhhahahaha. lol

  4. I NEED my stash to be more manageable. My Helmer is full and I have a cardboard box almost full with polishes too. I really need to go through and cut out the dupes and ones I won't ever use.

  5. LOL about your little "nail polish ninja" (can that be a new game? gamer name?? hahaha), Wendi! Soooo jealous of your stash, mine's so small it's not even worth photographing (maybe one shade per nail on ONE hand!)...

  6. Lovely stash! Looks like they all have a very good home.

  7. I wantz.

    I don't have anywhere I can put shelves of my polishes... HHhhhmmm.... I may have to share too!

    The glitteries and sparklies are my favorites!

  8. Wooow , i'm happy that i'm not the only one with so many polishes :) , lovely stash !

  9. Ooh, great stash! Thanks for sharing :)


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