Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who says they can't go together.?! Orange, Silver, and Purple


Today I asked on Facebook and Twitter for people to name 3 wild colors that *shouldn't* normally go together. I got some great suggestions!

I went with:

Sandria Marie: "No matter what I pick it's gonna look hot on you! Hmmm... Orange, purple and silver. :)"

No, I didn't pick this combo because she said I am hot... (thanks btw!) I picked it because it's actually a combo I've wanted to try. Though, as I was doing it, I realized I just do not have a good Orange. Suggestions?!

Regardless, here's what I came up with. FUN!

HolographicUnicorn Pee!

So, I can't find my all time favorite eyeliner, so I had to make due. I swear, I need to put a lock on my makeup.

The Goods:

UDPP in "sin" all over lid
NYX jumbo pencil in "Pots and Pans" main lid up to crease
Hi- Fi Cosmetics "Reaper" over PandP
My Pretty Zombie "Unicorn Pee" patted over "Reaper", after applying a teeny amount of Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae "Parental Advisory" above crease
Antoinette"s Revoluation Cosmetics "Louis" in crease
Mixture of purple from 88 palette to blend
NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk" blended into lower lash line
Aromaleigh Orange oops lower lash line "burnt orange with purple sparkles"
Fyrinnae "Marshmallow Puffs" under eyebrow
Random liners and mascara

Fyrinnae Glow Blush in "Enchant"

Morgana Cryptoria "Coraline's Kiss"

What I was lacking in orange eyeshadow, I made up for on the lips and cheeks. What do you think?

OH, and check out my awesome yellow roses. They are growing like MAD!

Have a great weekend Zombies!


  1. I love these posts. Makes me want to throw all my makeup in a pile and pick colors!

  2. You are DA BOMB!!! Keep doing these because I eagerly await what you come up with. However, I think you are unbeatable. :)

  3. I love the idea of these looks, this turned out really nice :)

    As for orange you should try Hifi Mind Manipulator if you haven't already :)

  4. I love Napalm from Concrete Minerals. I bet you would too. Your looks are always so neat.

    I just want your lips! I would settle for those. LOL.

  5. OF COURSE you totally rock the colors together! I wouldn't expect any different from you. Oh, one of my favorite oranges is Blood Orange from Persephone Minerals. And your roses are beautiful. :)

  6. Love the look! Orange and purple are two of my favorite colors together! Pretty roses! :)

  7. Ooh I love this! I'm trying to be braver with makeup but I still tend to wuss out of doing the more interesting colors.

    There are a bunch of oranges in Shiro Cosmetics' new Science collection. I know because I just ordered samples of nearly all of them. I have no clue how they'll look but I've heard such good things about Shiro that I had to try.

  8. LOVE this look, really really nice, wish I had that much skill eye makeup wise! Also happy to see someone who loves zombies, they are under appreciated in the beauty world! I was actually doing some zombie prosthetics on a music video today, so stumbling across this blog is quite timely, following xxxx

  9. Is Ben stealing your eyeliner again?! I know he and Neil had a talk about that. That's a great combo - I like the orange because it's not slap-your-face orange.

  10. Well, you sure made this combo work! It's super pretty! I love the lip color too! Every single lippie I see you in looks amazing! You make me want every damn color. haha.

  11. ohmigosh I looooove Coraline's Kiss (me and the corals, you know... :D ) I agree that Hi-Fi's Mind Manipulator is an outrageous orange (lol!) and I also love Nefertiti by Mineral Maven, and Pomp (more of a true orange) or Patina (more of a rusty orange) by Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics ;) Oh! and I just received Coral Burst from Alexeter and it looks fantastic! It's a lighter shade of orangey-coral

  12. I was going to say Napalm from Concrete Minerals, but someone said that already, lol! I also like Drood from Geek Chic, and the oranges in Linnaeus Cosmetics' Golden Lion Tamarin collection.

  13. I love the orange on the lower lashline :)

  14. I love Coraline's Kiss on you! Gorgeous look. I'll be sending you some BM Orange which is nice, but my fave is Fyrinnae Electro Koi ^^

  15. What a beautiful look! I love the orange as a liner & it connects so well with your lips. I also find this look enhances your green eyes. Well done!

  16. I love it. I can't handle how much I like this look. I will be re-creating this sometime this upcoming week!


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