Thursday, June 2, 2011

The 7 Deadly Sins...Pride and Humility! Featuring Persephone Minerals!

Good morning Zombies!

And so, upon us is the final "episode" of the Sins/Virtues collaboration between Ms. Snarky P herself and I.

I wanted to do a little something different for the end of the series.



Verb: Be especially proud of a particular quality or skill.
Noun: A feeling of pleasure from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

Not gonna lie. I am very proud of my sweet little girl. She's the light of my life (aside from her brothers and Daddy.) There is something very special about having a little girl. So, yes, I dolled her up (a little), took pictures, and am featuring her today on the blog. I am not ashamed. I AM PROUD!


That is SO a Mommy face!

It's odd seeing her with makeup on. And it's TOO soon! Good thing this is a one time deal for now. I don't want her to grow up too fast!

The Goods:

UDPP all over lid
NYX jumbo pencil in "Strawberry Milk" blended into lid
Persephone Minerals "Pinkaholic Anonymous" main lid
Persephone Minerals "No Tip, No Strip" (lol) above pink
Pink and blue liner on the side of her eye for the heart

Hard Candy "Living Doll" (cause she is)

Revlon matte lipstick "Stormy Pink"

So, you want to see Pride's polar opposite "Humility"? You'll have the check out The Snarky Princess for Amanda's take on it! I'll let you all know once it's live!

Have a great day Zombies!


  1. Awww my goodness she is so pretty! :)

  2. Dude... You made me cry!
    HAHAHAHA! She's so adorable <3
    My look is comin up shortly.... I'm gonna put a special thumbnail up for your post today ;)

  3. awww thats so sweet :)
    she looks totally adorable!

  4. Oh my gosh she looks EXACTLY like you in the last two pictures. She is ridiculously cute. You have good genes woman!

  5. Aw, she probably felt very special getting to dress up with mommies make-up. :) She is adorable too! <3

  6. Great post. I know what you mean about being proud, I have two girls of my own. They're growing up so fast its frightening.

  7. How sweet! That last pic is DEFINITELY you.

  8. Ohmigosh, what a little you! She's precious, and that look is adorable on her. ^_^ Better keep your eye on her, she's going to be a heartbreaker!

  9. OH HOW ADORABLE a little Princess Zombie she is!!!! She DOES look like you!

  10. MissMidnightBlueJune 2, 2011 at 7:19 PM

    Aww this is so cute! She looks like you, you have a mini Wendi! Just too damn cute. :) I just want to squish you both. :)

  11. Thank you everyone! She IS my mini me for sure.

  12. Awww. She is so adorable! Totally your mini me! <3

  13. Your daughter is soooo cute! What fun! Very girly colors you used on her!

  14. Adorb! My gram used to put blush on me for church when I was little - pretty sure that's when it all started....

  15. Awwwwww :) she looks so pretty!!! :)

  16. such a cutie!!
    i see the mommy face,she looks like you a lot too:)

  17. What a dollface!!! She looks so stinkin cute! I wish my little girl was that little again! =D

  18. Awesome! I had to laugh a bit at how you used No Tip No Strip on your daughter lol! She's way too cute for makeup! Great post idea for the pride theme!

  19. I love that you used a photo of your daughter for the pride category,she is adorable!

  20. Awwh she is too cute! I bet she loved getting to wear makeup :)

  21. Aww... she's adorable and really pretty! And looks a lot like you. :)


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