Sunday, June 26, 2011

Announcing! The Makeup Heroes YouTube Channel!

Hey Zombies!

Just a quick post to announce that The Makeup Heroes Collaboration channel on YouTube is live. We have several beauty bloggers in the mix (so far) and hope to grow as time goes on. We'll be putting up themed video's as well. Just stay tuned. It's new and exciting and I'm curious to see where it goes.

So check out the channel, and check out my Intro and 13 Questions tag below!

For those of you that were curious, I will probably only be doing YouTube videos for the collab channel, with an occasional video with swatches and/or reviews. I love doing videos, but I love the blog more. :D

Have a great day Zombies! Makeup post coming up later!


  1. I don't do youtube so much, but this is a really cool idea. It's nice to see beauty people on youtube working together peacefully instead of clawing each other's eyes out LMAO.

  2. "Don't touch that... Because you'll end up with three kids."

    OMG DYING! Laughing!!!

    I wanna be a hero! :D
    Such a great idea to do a collab channel!

  3. Awwh the Mom Face part was so cute XD def gonna subscribe

  4. I just got around to watching this. You crack me up! I can't wait to see what your girls have in store on the channel! I'm excited for you guys!


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