Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wet n Wild review via Video!


Maybe I'm obsessed, but I have a new video for you today. I did a quick review of Wet n Wild!



  1. Great video!

    I just bought the products you showed at Walgreens and the 8 shadow palette is 4.99 and the pencils are only a dollar each!!!!

  2. Was that me texting you when your phone went off?!

    LOL if it was HAHAHA!!

  3. Dude. Great video! Keep up the awesome work. As soon as I wash this color out of my hair I may take a trip to Walgreens to see if I can snatch up that green eye pencil. It's soooo pretty!

  4. Gosh, I just love you!!!! LOL! Great video and keep them coming.

  5. Ahhh those pencils look awesome. And LOL @ baby poop :)

  6. You are a natural for the video reviews---keep them coming. Love your blog and my daughter and I are both makeup bishes and can never have enough eye shadows. She is the same age as YOU and loves to see what you recommend. A lot I can wear and others----just like to see what you can do with them.


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