Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who says they can't go together.?! Coral, Pink, and Yellow!


Lot's of craziness in the good ol' life right now, hence the lack of post-age...POSTAGE?! Moving along...

Last week ( I know, I'm slacking!) I asked on Twitter and Facebook for 3 colors that *shouldn't* normally go together and that remind everyone of "Summer." I got a lot of coral, pink, and yellow as the answer, so that's what I went with. As I did this look I realized these colors DO go together and very well!

The Goods:

Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in "Nano Yellow" on main lid as base
88 Shimmer Palette bright yellow color patted on top of Nano Yellow and into inner lower lash line
NYX "Yellow" added to main yellow
88 Shimmer Palette coral and light orange color mixed- patted above and into crease and into outer lower lash line
My Pretty Zombie "mNg #1" blended into crease
88 Shimmer Palette matte white under brow bone and to blend
MUFE aqua liner in "Iridescent Fuchsia" upper liner
Wet N' Wild  ColorIcon liner in "White" water line

ELF "Pink Passion" blush

Morgana Cryptoria "Coraline's Kiss" and MAC "Impassioned" mixed

Hope you enjoyed my bright look! Happy Hump Day Zombies!


  1. Ohh nice look. These colors really make your eyes pop!

  2. Oooooo-weeee, lady! This look is hot! I've been trying to find the right way to wear coral shadow for my comfort level(it's too much on it's own...), and yellow is the best way to do it, apparently! You're fabulous, as usual! I've got a wicked mad zombie lust for ya, woman! :P

  3. WOWZA! It's like pink on CRACK! Heehee Looks good, though. You look irritated in your full-face pic.

  4. That is so pretty! I love the liner too! I wanna try orange and purple, I keep meaning to but forget!

  5. I love the MPZ MnG pinks- they're gorgeous. And you're right, these colors so go together amazingly well. I want to try this and add some orange to the mix. But I still need to buy that pink MUFE liner!

  6. Those colors really DO look great together!

  7. Wow that looks amazing! I love the little bit of yellow poking out and the pink eyeliner is lovely. I would always have assumed those colours would go together though! Apparently I have a weird brain :P

  8. I love this, it goes SO well with your hair... the lips are such a perfect compliment too!

  9. I love it!!! Dang now I know what to try tomorrow for work =) LOL

  10. I've always loved wearing pink and orange together... only makes sense that pink, coral and yellow would work, too ;) Lookin' good!

  11. I love those colours together, very pretty look!

  12. You have pretty much the best lips ever and I am totally jealous!

  13. I love everything about this look. Every. Single. Thing! Especially the liner! I want to ask it out on a date lol.

  14. Holy pink, Batman! This look is ace, and yaaaa, they totally go!

  15. That look is so fresh!

    I tagged you in an award @

  16. Yellow, coral and pink (and a bit of orange!) is actually one of my favourite colour combos :3 I wants to steal this.

  17. Awesome colours! I'm lovin' that Aqua Liner, I finally got my hands on some of them!


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