Saturday, July 30, 2011

Altered Ego Cosmetics Review and !SWATCHES!

Happy ass Saturday Zombies!

I see a rain storm out my window, slowly making it's way toward us. I'm almost positive it's going to bypass us though...

I have an exciting review for you today from Altered Ego Cosmetics! You know, since I started blogging, I've reviewed A LOT of eyeshadow, colors, finishes, etc. And for a while there, I was growing pretty burnt out! It's companies such as Altered Ego that renew my love of eyeshadow. I get super giddy when a color looks "ok" in the jar, but once swatched it's full of sparkles! I love me some sparkles. These eyeshadow are FULL of sparkle goodness! FULL!

I was sent full size colors in Diesel, Aura, and Routine, two clam shells in Heathen and Bullet, and two baggie samples in Beetle and Honeymoon. I apologize for the lack of "product" pictures in this post. I am having lightning issues.

The full size come in 3 gram jars and came with a sticker over the sifter. Full size are $2.75. wait..WHAT?! Yeah, that's right, $2.75! (Be still my heart!)

The packaging is simple, yet cute. I am a sucker for stars, so I was impressed with the labels. Also, the invoice and two baggy samples came in a cute little brown paper bag with a white star sticker to keep it closed. Adorable touch! The jars and clam shells were packed in a black organza bag.

Descriptions per the Etsy store:

Aura: A medium purple with pink undertones with tons of purple and pink shimmer!
Diesel: A shimmery brown with tons of green glitter!
Routine: A dark grey with tons of purple shimmer!
Bullet: An awesome, metallic antique silver with pink undertones and an almost holographic glitter look.
Heathen: A light golden tan with golden shimmer!
Honeymoon: I could not find a description of this color on the website. :/ I think it's a medium taupe color with  gold sparks.
Beetle: A blue green with tons of silver shimmer!

My absolute favorite of this lot is Diesel. It's such a unique color. I love the green shift. I also really like Aura and Honeymoon!

Yes, I'm very excited about this company! The price is GREAT, the colors are unique and soft. They're also long lasting. I swatched the eyeshadow over Pixie Epoxy and they lasted on my hand for a good 4 hours before I finally washed them off. Also, it looks like most, if not all of the colors are Vegan. :)

Oh and guess what?  Use the code ALTERME at checkout for 15% off your order at Altered Ego right now. GO GO- it's only for the next few hours that this code is available. GO!

Have you tried Altered Ego Cosmetics yet? What are your thoughts on the company?

*products in this review were sent to me from Altered Ego Cosmetics for review purposes only. Opinions are my own and 100% honest.*


  1. These are so pretty! And the price? Oy! Gonna have to check these out!

  2. I love Altered Ego's eyeshadows. I was drawn in by the price but really fell in love with the shadows themselves. Everyone should try them!

  3. Ooooh Aura and Routine look yummy :D

  4. Diesel is gorgeous, I really need to try them :)

  5. $2.75? My goodness! *goes to check out shop*

  6. Stop supporting my addiction. I've been looking to get in on some goodness from this company

  7. Oh god I totally caved and ordered some of their colors because of you. :D Their colors seem really interesting, cant wait to try 'em out!

  8. Diesel IS amazing, wow! I love how the eyeshadows have something about them that is a bit different... even the deep blue stands out.

  9. I was really excited to read this post, I love the sparkly, shimmery, bright colors that a lot of the indie makeup companies produce....but there are times when I want something a little more....subdued? lol. These look perfect, going to check out Altered Ego to see their other items :D

  10. OH MAN these are some awesome colours!!!


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