Monday, July 11, 2011

Green Eyebrows and Eyes- LOTD!


It's a hot one today..Steamy and yucky. So, I decided to stay in and try to bleach out the rest of my hair. It's a little yellow/orange, but I can easily fix that. At least the RED is gone, FINALLY!  I also decided to put my nose ring (instead of the stud) BACK in. I like it, doesn't hurt this time. lol

So, here's today's look. I even added green to the eyebrows of awesome.

The Goods:

Evil Shades primer in "Pearl White" all over lid
Evil Shades spectrum pot in "Photonic Green" blended into lid for just a wash o color
Rockeresque "Little Lamb" main lid and down into lower lash line
Evil Shades "Potion" above crease
Evil Shades "Reondite" into crease
Evil Shades "Bikini Baby" to blend and down into lower lash line
Urban Decay liner in "Flipside" water line

Wet N Wild Color Icon pencil in "Cool Green" in eyebrows

MAC "Well Dressed"

Wet N Wild 901B "Think Pink" with Evil Shades "Not Your Barbie" hardcore lips- blotted.


  1. Loving the greens, and the use of flipside on the waterline.

    May I just ask, as someone wanting to remove pink from their hair, is bleach the only way? Or just the most effective way? :)

  2. AAAAAH! OMG, you look so good in green!

  3. Green eyebrows are most definitely awesome!! Also I love Flipside <3

  4. I love the liner on your waterline! It definitely finishes out the look!

  5. Love Flipside on the waterline! Great look! The nose ring is a nice change from the stud!

  6. Green brows rock, love you in green!

  7. GAH! how can you wear your hair down in the heat.. just looking at you is making me sweat. LoLz.

  8. Awesome! Lovvvve green eye shadow looks :)

  9. MissMidnightBlueJuly 11, 2011 at 8:34 PM

    you look awesome in green! :D Love the hairz! :D

  10. ...but I like the red. The green eyebrows is a nice touch.

  11. Squeee.. love this look!! I love greens.. I havent tried evil shades yet.. hmm lets add that to the list.. haha!

  12. The blue on the waterline looks freaking awesome :D

  13. AHMG, green eyebraus?! Love it! You look awesome in green!

  14. Very pretty, I love the eyebrows! Also your nose ring really suits you.

  15. Cutest nosering ever! A little jealous over here, actually. :) And that color combo is divine, and sooooo pretty with your eyecolor. And, since I don't think I've said it yet, I am really digging your blonde hair - hot.

  16. Love the bright waterline, and the coordinating lid and brows = adorbz. :D


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