Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Luminess Air Pro System- initial thoughts!

Good evening Zombies!

Man, I am SO behind on posts, so please bear with me as I try and get through everything in the next couple of days.

I was given the opportunity to try and review the Pro Airbrush System from Luminess Air. And wanted to show you my inital thoughts. I have only tested this system once (on my Mom) so I can not make a definitive review on how it works with my skin tone. I will make several follow up posts to this one.

The system came quickly in a nice box within a box.

And this is what the kit came with:

I love the pretty silver clutch! It holds everything perfectly for easy mobility and storage.

As you can see, the kit includes 4 foundation colors, a primer, a blush, a bronzer, and an airbrush glow. I was also sent 3 eyeshadow colors to try out. (There is also an instructional DVD and handout in every kit.)

The "air gun" and pump are gorgeous! The gun is so shiny and sturdy. This particular model has 3 speeds, allowing for light, medium, or full coverage foundation. The air pump itself is white with an embossed butterfly decal on the front. Gorgeous!

I found this quite easy to use. At first, being unfamiliar, I applied TOO much foundation on my subject, but it was an easy fix and I was able to blend the foundation with the gun without having to touch her face with a brush to blend. The blush DID come out heavy, but I think it was because it was the complete wrong color for my subject's skin tone. You also MUST make sure you shake, shake, shake the bottles to blend the product, as it seems to settle.

I had fun applying the eyeshadow as well. With a light hand, you can create just as fun a look as you would with brushes and regular pan/ loose eyeshadow. Same with the bronzer!

I most likely would never use this product on a daily basis (on myself) because it is quite pricey and I know the foundation and eyeshadow are a bit out of my price range as well. I think this kit would be amazing for a professional makeup artist and I'm actually considering offering my services for proms or special occasions with this airbrush. It was fun, it was easy, and it took a fraction of the time to apply the foundation as compared to my normal makeup routine.

Let's compare before and after, shall we?

As you can see, the foundation (Shade 3) DID cover some of the more noticeable age spots on my lovely Moms face. It also gave her skin a subtle radiance and evened out the appearance of some of the deeper lines and wrinkles. I truly didn't notice this fully until I studied the before and after pictures closely.

I am excited to try this on myself and see if my opinion changes about 'daily usage.' I will do a series of posts, so please stay tuned.

Would/have you tried and airbrush makeup system? What are your thoughts?

*products in this review were sent to me by Luminess Air  for review purposes only. Opinions are 100% honest and my own.*


  1. The air brush systems scare me, to be honest, but I'm dying to try one at the same time! Definitely not an every day use item, but for special occasions, I could see using one.

  2. I can see you using this on other people, but I think it could be tricky using it on yourself - at least for me. I think the end result looks good (even if you thought what we talked about the other day). It really did smooth out her complexion and did a good job covering that darker age spot.

  3. Oh wow, those are some awesome results! Really, really softened those pesky lines.

  4. WOW!
    Lucky Ducky- I'm a wee-bit jealous :p
    But good for you!

    Your Mom is lovely woman... And I have to admit, I kept cracking up when you kept referring her to "subject's face" LOL
    This is definitely a great end result- and worth the money it seems if it does *that* good a job at makeup application! I do agree and think the blush is a little "off" on your Mom, but nothing a little different color couldn't fix. Or highlighter :)
    How easy or difficult was it to avoid the hairline? That's my biggest question with these things... Doesn't it get everywhere!?

    I can't wait to see what else you do with this baby!

    Hey... I'll invite you to my wedding if you'll airbrush my face for me ;) Autumn 2012!!

  5. The results are amazing! :) I would love to try one too! Can't wait to see your next works with it! ;)

  6. holy shit the results are AMAZING! i will definitely consider investing in one of these babies when I go pro! And if you have the time, I think it would be fun to make some moolah off your skills!

  7. HI WENDI'S MOM!!! The results look amazing, I am dyyyyyyying to get my hands on an airbrush kit since like forever.

  8. INCREDIBLE transformation, I would do just about anything to get my hands on an air-brusher!

  9. Your mom is lovely! And the before/after is crazy to see an airbrush system do that. If that was your *first* try it looks impeccable!

  10. WOW!! the results are fantastic and your mother looks lovely otherwise too!!
    This looks like a good investment in the long run right. Can't any other normal cream blush or foundation be used with the air brush? please do let me know as I am quite interested. Thank you :)

  11. What an incredible transformation!

  12. The results are amazing! And you have a very lovely Mom. :)

  13. Not gonna I lol'd at 'nice box within a box' - MAKEUP INCEPTION!

    Your mum is so purrty, and I got excited to see your follow up posts just from the photos of all the little bottles of foundation, blush and eyeshadow :D

  14. I got the dinair one a few weeks ago, and i love it...was pretty pricey and took me forever to actually purchase the thing (over a year of window shopping lol) To me it was well worth the money and was only supposed to be a special event thing..but after seeing the results im using it every day..Also love that you can mix your colors easily for your perfect shade..


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