Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Milani Paint Palette Review and Swatches!

Happy Tuesday Zombies!

I have a special review today and SO excited to bring it to you!

The new Milani Paint Eyeshadow Palette!

Descriptions per website:

• Fashion forward neon colors

• Super-soft, silk-like application

• Use shades separately or blended together to create your own unique hue of art

Available in One Multicolor Palette

This palette is limited for July only- and if you're wanting matte neon colors (which I'm sure are FDA approved- I tried looking and couldn't find a "no") for a cheap price $7.99 USD), I'd pick this bad boy up!

I like the packaging, though it's slightly bulky. it is nice that all the colors are in one place though!

The colors ARE matte, so they are a bit chalky- but were easy to apply with my primer and creamy base. It was hard to get any pay off from the purple and green, even with a brush packed with product. The orange, pink, and white stole the show!

*lips: Wet N Wild "Just Peachy"

As you can see from my eye, the purple (which is in the middle of my lower lash line), green (outer lower lash line), and yellow (inner corner) were pretty hard to get any color payoff from. I ADORE the orange! I do not have a matte orange or pink, so I'm happy for those two shades.

Overall, I think this is awesome, since it's hard to get ANY approved neons in the US. Can someone verify for me that this is FDA approved? I like the colors, but will probably only use a few. I would definitely spend $7.99 on this palette. BUT, it's limited edition, so if it's for you, head to your local Walgreen, Rite Aide, CVS, or wherever sells Milani and grab this up!

Have you tried this palette? Thoughts?

I also have a small favor to ask! I was nominated for a blog award in the category "Best Reviews" and was hoping maybe you'd hop over and vote for me. I'm in the category with some great bloggers, so it's a tough choice. But I'd appreciate it!

Have a terrific day Zombies!

*products above were sent to me for consideration. Opinions are my own and 100% honest.*


  1. Shame about the green! And that the yellow is the smallest. Overall this looks really cute - a nice change from the regular palette

  2. Wow! You did an amazing job incorporating all of those fabulous colors!

  3. First...you're a jerk. But I say that with as much love as possible.

    Second...this is awesome! I really like the brights. Too bad the other colors didn't do much.

    Third...I voted for you and you're welcome.

  4. Um I just love that eye look. It's beautiful and I love the pink & orange as they fade & get smoked out. Goooorgeous.

  5. Something about that palette looks so 80's, I love it haha! The colours have a lot more payoff than I would expect, shame we can't get Milani in the UK.

  6. Thanks for this review.. I saw this palette yesterday and been iffy about buying it.. but I will def be getting it now!! And the look you did is beautiful!!

  7. this looks awesome :) i didnt know milani made makeup in colors like this. thanks!

  8. It's a shame so much of the palette is taken up by the white shadow! The neon colours look lovely though, you lucky people with your Milani :P

  9. I've seen such mixed reviews on this but I trust yours more than anyone else's! May have to check this out.

  10. Love love love the look, as usual...

    Not sure about regulations or if they're "real neons", but if you can't find anything wrong with it or no banned ingredients, I wouldn't worry too too much about it. I'll check it out later.

    I voted for you, of course :)
    I totally didn't realize *I'm* nominated too!! :D

  11. Ooooooh, I know the purple, green, and yellow were difficult, but I think this turned out AMAZING! And is definitely one of my top favorite "rainbow" looks!

  12. Yummy! Also, wtf is that lip colour IT IS SO PRETTY


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