Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Update!


THIS Zombie has been seriously slacking lately. I have SO much going on in my personal life as well as things I need to review, videos I need to make, that I am just overwhelmed. So, I thought long and hard on what I should do to even things out and get the blog and my creative juices flowing again. (I hate feeling like I'm blogging because I HAVE to, not because I WANT to.) So, what I've come up with, is that I am going to quit doing FOTD's for a little while to focus mainly on my reviews and swatches of the 10 billion things I want to show everyone...but I need your help! If you'd like to guest post on Makeup Zombie with a LOTD, FOTD, or NOTD, please email me at makeupzombie@ yahoo dot com and let me know you're interested. I'll give you more info once you've emailed! I'm going to feature these looks for the next few months until I can get caught up and get my passion back. The sky is the limit, there really is no theme, so get cahrazy so I can showcase you to the world!

Also, once 800 followers have been reached, I'm going to have a massive giveaway! I mean MASSIVE. So please, spread the word. I think I'm only 20 followers away! Which I can't believe by the way, I adore you all so fugging much! If you're a company and would like to donate to this giveaway, please email me at makeupzombie@yahoo dot com.

Tomorrow I will be reviewing Altered Ego Cosmetics, a new indie company and have swatch spam coming up Sunday, as well as my Zodiac look for the week. Stay tuned.

Have a spectacular weekend Zombies! <3


  1. Gosh I know how you feel. I'm over a month behind on some swatches/reviews. =[ I hope you get caught back up and WANT to blog again. I need to do the same! Only 22 more people until you hit 800!

  2. It's good to take a step back every now and then! Everyone deserves a break!

  3. I know how you feel too.... I procrastinate procrastinating, and when I *do* feel good enough to get something done, it's quickly squashed. UGG.

    You do so much- kick back, and do what will make you happy!!! :)

  4. I completely understand how you feel! My month off has been awesome! Can't wait to see what reviews and fun stuff you have in store for us!

  5. *hugs* I know how it is, I tell myself I'll swatch this and that and that and this and it never happens for me. Do what makes you happy bb, and I may harass you to do a guest look :)

  6. i dont care how many times a week you post, just as long as you post something :)
    I love your blog and I'll keep reading it however you are goling to proceed.
    I do love your fotds though, but i'll try and be patient ;)


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