Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday FUNDAY! This is dedicated to Robyn...

Happy Sunday Zombies!

I went to Roller Derby with my bestie last night and got just a teeny bit tipsy. I am paying for it today, so I thought I'd do a fun post. One of my online besties Robyn from Stay Beautiful sent me the most awesome care package a week or so ago. She included tons of Barry M samples and...the infamous MUA eyeshadow Shade 9. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for purple and this shade is SO up my alley. OMFG, I'd make out with Robyn if I could. Or in her terms "snog" her. Wait...that does just mean kiss, right?!

Anyhow, on to the look. (Yes I'm obsessed with pigtails, it's been too hot to have my hair down.)

The Goods:

TFSI all over lid
NYX jumbo pencil in "Slate" blended into lid
MUA Shade 9 all over main lid and lower lash line
MAC "Blue Flame" from Style Black above and into crease
Eggshell color from WnW "Greed" palette as highlight and to blend
Random liner and mascara

No blush *gasp*

Accessorize Diamond Sparkle lip gloss also shade 9 "Diva" which was also sent to me by Robyn!

This color is WICKED!


  1. Gorgeous :) I <3 blue-purple.

  2. Gorgeous! I absolutely love the MUA shadows - they're so creamy and pigmented but so cheap!

    I love your pigtails, too. That's the one thing I miss about having long hair.

  3. LOVE the blue/purples! I'm a sucker for any purple but a bluer one catches my eye every time!

    I hear ya on the heat...I've been pulling my hair up as much as I can.

  4. i love your hair! i wish i could braid, i'm so clumsy when it comes to hair stuff. that looks like a lovely purple!

  5. D'aaaaw, thanks lady. I'm glad you have that shadow in your life, it's got your name written all over it ^^ And yes, snog does just mean kiss, but I can teach you some rude English slang if you want :D x

  6. I really love this color on you, its stunning

  7. This looks great! I think I like you without the blush in this case. Roller Derby was SO much fun - we HAVE to get our out-of-shape, older-than-the-average-derby-girl asses out there. At least to try once!!!

  8. Great look! Love the hair! Sounds like you guys had fun at the roller derby!

  9. GAH I had to go check and see if I had that shade and I do, but I've only swatched it. What is wrong with me??

    It looks amazing on you and I love the pigtails!

  10. What an amazing purple! I must be psychic because I also went to the roller derby here in Australia on the weekend and also rocked the purple eyeshadow!

  11. Umm can I get a 'fuck yeah'?! SO GLOWY AND PRETTY AND SMOKEY ;D

  12. GAAAHHH this is amazing. What a great combo. UNF.

  13. Ooh that is beautiful! Your shadows are all blended together so wonderfully. Love your pigtails too. I've always thought 'snog' meant french kissing specifically, or a passionate kiss anyway, not a little peck :P

  14. AWESOME! I love purples and Shade 9 looks SO fabulous!

  15. Found your blog while looking for fellow Albuquerque based bloggers. I'm totally addicted and I've only read this one post! I'm a new subscriber!


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