Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Re-Animated with Braaaaains!

Yo Dawgs!

Oh, sorry, I was just looking at all the various JPEG'S out there with Xzibit's picture on them. Pretty funny!

So, I received a package of awesome and win today and immediately tore that biotch open to reveal....THIS! For those who may not know, I worked with Andrea from Evil Shades on this collection and it's awesome. Obviously, she did all the work and I just threw around some ideas. :D

I intended to throw caution to the wind and just sit down and swatch the whole collection today, but THIS little guy prevented that, so I did a quick look instead.

My GOODNESS "Re-Animated" was so hard to photograph. It changes color in different lightning and for the most part it looked forest green in my pictures. :/   But it does say this on the website:

"Re-Animated is nearly impossible to describe or truly capture on is a red/brown base that looks purple in some lighting and black with a hint of red or purple in other light. It has a green shimmer that changes from a grassy green to an aqua depenting on the tone the base color is reflecting. It's beautiful and complex and very strange at the same time."

*sparkles did not show up in the lip pic. 

 The Goods: (all colors and bases from Evil Shades)

"Visible Violet" Spectrum Pot as base
"Re-Animated" main lid
"Braaains" as upper liner
"Zombified" lower lash line
"Zombie Moon" as highlight and to blend and inner corner
random liner and mascara

Evil Shades "Atomic"

NYX "Indian Pink" with Evil Shades "Antivirus" on top

I will have a post tomorrow with all of the swatches! Stay tuned and have a terrific evening Zombies!