Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Venomous Cosmetics- Review and !SWATCHES!

Good evening Zombies!

I have a fun review for you this evening. I placed a small order a few weeks ago with Venomous Cosmetics, because I noticed they now have an "Anywhere Palette" which is a small magnetic palette that will hold their pressed eyeshadow. So naturally, I picked up some pressed samples as well. Tracy threw in a few extras and a sweet note as well. Terrific attention to detail and customer service.

Look at the cute little purse sized "Lip Poisons!"

The formulations of these lippies are amazing. Smooth, creamy, and pigmented. I will have lip swatches up for the next Swatch Spam.

I swatched everything (minus the lippies) over Hi-Fi Cosmetics Shadow Fix.

You can not tell from the photos but Sea Anemone and Fire Ant are full of glitter in their corresponding colors- SA has pink glitter as well. So gorgeous! The swatches twinkled in the sunlight!

The "Anywhere Palette" is $5.50 (USD) and I can see it holding roughly 25 of the pressed samples which are $2.00 each. I ADORE the magnetic aspect and the fact that the sample tins just snap right on. That is EPICNESS! I fully intend on filling this baby up with more samples.

I did have some pigmentation issues with a few of the pressed samples. Centipede and Sea Urchin and quite sheer, but build-able. Don't expect "in your face- pow!" when you first swatch them. They are all lovely colors. The site doesn't have the best description and/or swatches of each color by itself, but there are a few swatches posted on the website.

My favorites of this group are Sea Urchin, Jersey Devil, and Sea Anemone. I also love both of the lip poisons!

Baggie samples are $1.00 and the samples I received were pretty darn full!

I really like everything I received from Venomous and I fully intend on filling up my cute little palette!

Have you tried Venomous Cosmetics? What are your thoughts?

*products in this review were purchased by me for this review. Venomous Cosmetics did throw in some extra samples for me to try.*

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  1. This might sound silly but I like that the font is large and easy to read on the shadows.  Love the font on the Pinking of You lippy too!   Some companies use fonts that are difficult to read, or so small that I can barely read them.


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