Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Palettes- review and swatches!


I am soooo stoked. I made an impromptu trip to the Walgreen's nearest me and was directed to the new WnW display that just came in today! (Yes, the girl knows I am madly watching for "On the Prowl" which still wasn't there.) Anyway, I did find the Fantasy Makers in "Rising Star" and "Stage Beauty" and couldn't wait to show you.

Make sure you click the pictures to get the maximum badass-ness of these babies.

Palette's swatched from left to right.

Obviously the glitter was hard to capture on camera. Each color is a cream based glitter and some of the colors are hard to work with..Each palette seems to have a cream that is void of much glitter and I'm assuming those are for putting on before the glittery colors.

I LOVE "Rising Star." OMG, each color is SO cool, especially the black with holographic glitter. There are two blacks in this palette, but it seems the black on the third row has much more pronounced glitter. AWESOME!

I really love the 7th color in the "Stage Beauty" palette. It's a deep purple with hints on navy and fun glitter. Very dramatic.

I can't wait to smear these all over my eyes for some fun glittery looks! (Regardless of the glitter bullshiz recently, I will still wear glitter. I ain't scured.)

Each palette was $3.99 (USD)...SCORE AGAIN WnW!